UFO Sightings in Israel over the Years

UFO Cases in Israel – Alien Abductions Happen Everywhere

A 1990s Classic Banger from Eyes on Cinema is quite a video as you can watch below. I have summarized the main parts of the video below in order of the video, and this is quite an awesome video.

I mean some older videos are like a few people maybe seeing lights in the sky, yet here you have all kinds of compelling info.

  • First off its actually quite the mystery about UFOs in certain countries like Israel, so this video has a lot of eye witness testimony and a lot of interesting info
  • It has multiple females all reporting the same thing at the same time
  • There are sightings of some really big 8-10 foot aliens that sound somewhat like the Las Vegas May 2023 alien backyard sighting, or maybe the peru sightings this year.
  • There are these HUGE footprints that they found and something making really big strides, like a 10 foot dude!
  • It is interesting that Israel was established around 1947 * Rosewell time, then the first main sighting is in 1952 (Aliens over Washinton DC), then nothing at all for like 30 plus years, interesting.
  • There is the interesting BIBLE connection here, and this seems to be a very possible thing happening.
  • Then there are a lot more sightings and witness accounts, and it makes you think like well I never heard of ANY of this, and interesting how you never hear anything out of Israel.  Yet it turns out a lot of things are happening including of course ALIEN ABDUCTIONS.  This is a WORLD wide thing, probably numbering in the millions. WAKE UP….. and smell the Alien Coffee, they are here.

👽 Alien Visitations in Kadima, Israel

– Three women independently report giant alien visitations in Kadima, Israel during the Spring of 1993.
– Detailed descriptions include a three-meter-tall giant with shiny, spotlight-like eyes and strange circles left behind after encounters.
– Encounters consistently occurred on Saturdays, the Jewish Sabbath, with similar timings and mannerisms.

🌐 Yazitz Panic and Similar Encounters

– Herzl Cosentini reports a frightening encounter in Yazitz, Israel, similar to Kadima, two years later.
– Encounter details include a giant creature with a glowing face, intense light, and strange footprints.
– The unidentifiable footprints puzzle investigators with an eight-kilometer trail, confounding police and trackers.

🕵️‍♂️ Investigation and Footprint Analysis

– Investigator Doran Rotem interviews witnesses and notes similarities in reported creatures.
– No crop circles in Yazitz, but strange footprints with unique characteristics are discovered.
– Witnesses describe intense fear and confusion, challenging their prior beliefs about aliens.

🌍 Israel’s UFO History

– Israel historically has had few UFO sightings, with limited mentions until 1952 in Kaifa.
– Mary Chambish, an author and journalist, highlights a sudden increase in UFO sightings in 1987.

📹 UFO Sightings in Haifa

– Rosetta Calphan captures a UFO on film over Haifa in 1993, with unique features and unexplained movements.
– Similar sightings in Haifa in 1991 involve bizarre lights in the sky, recorded on home movie cameras.
– Eyewitnesses describe a radiant light beam and a craft with extraordinary features, witnessed by experts.

📜 UFOs and Biblical Connections

– Author Barry Chamish proposes a controversial theory connecting UFO sightings in Israel to Biblical events.
– Chamish suggests a historical pattern in UFO encounters dating back to Biblical times.
– He relates stories of alien abductions in Kadima to a larger, prophetic narrative in the Bible.

*** Lets not forget one of the more amazing UFO sightings in recent years where the UFO was obviously right over temple in Jerusalem in front of a lot of people, check video below. This video is example of how people act towards UFOs, like they see them but just almost presume it must be fake. They are NOT!

🛸 The Return of UFOs

– Barry Shamish investigates the return of UFO sightings in Israel in 1996 after a hiatus.
– Photojournalist Yosi Alani captures a UFO on camera over Tel Aviv, challenging skeptics.
– The frequency of sightings increases, with reports almost nightly, documented by multiple witnesses.

🤯 Unsettling Nature of Recent Sightings

– Ongoing UFO sightings in politically tense times unsettle many in Israel.
– Two contrasting theories emerge, linking sightings to returning angels or ancient giants, adding to the mystery.
– Despite academic skepticism, the UFO phenomenon in the Holy Land remains unexplained.