TOP 10 UFO Cases

Most Credible UFO Stories as of 2023

First off what makes a UFO case credible?

Well I guess having trustable people helps. Military, police, etc always seems to make the case better.

Yet some cases just stand the test of time. I mean like the  Bob Lazar case got stronger over time for a number of reasons including things like the tic tac video and the Navy Pilot saying yep I for sure saw a craft that seemed like it was a true UFO from another world.

It also helps when you have some kind of physical evidence and eyewitnesses. Lie detector tests, not changing a story and other factors come into play, and here are my personal top 10 UFO cases of all time.

Top 10 UFO CASES of all time

#10 – Rosewell UFO Case from 1947

Yep, its barely in the top 10! Yet its much more interesting than you might have heard about. Everything you see is the same old story about how Mac Brazells country ass found a bunch of “debris” all over his field… and how that mystery debris was some weird thing that you couldn’t bend or burn.  YET there seems to be a 2nd crash and a lot of evidence of alien bodies and us recovering a craft and other tech that we wound up using.

Its crazy how this Rosewell case was just not known at all until like 1978 thanks to Stanton Friedman, a true OG UFO legend.  Yet if you watch certain UFO movies and documentaries down in the 1950s, there is nothing about Rosewell at all.  So everyone believed the lies that were told and just forgot about it.

Yet there is a ton of evidence here that points to multiple ufo crashes and all kinds of other things that seem to point to aliens visiting us.  Another thing, did the UFO get hit by lighting, OR did WE shoot it down?

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#9- 1973 UFO Abduction case of two fisherman

I always thought this was flat-out dumb and a for sure hoax.  YET after doing a lot of research on the case, and the year 1973, Ive come to conclusion that aliens 100% abducted these two southern gentleman.   Not for long, not to harm them and almost for no real reason other than a test.  I mean it seems like a crazy case.

That they are both fishing during the day, and in broad daylight a spaceship come right next to them above the water, and then the next thing they know they are both being taken into the ship to be examined. No doors, they floated and all this other stuff that seems like NO WAY!

Yet you have to see all the facts here, and then hear them talk in interviews and even in the sheriff’s office when they were being taped that same day it happened. No way this 19-year-old and 50-year-old odd couple made this shit up.  They were taped talking when they didn’t think they were being taped and they were scared big time and you just cant make certain things up.

I mean if it was easy to make some kind of UFO hoax up like that, you would have seen all kinds of UFO hoaxes coming up. Hoax after hoax where people just lied and made stuff up about abductions and all that.  Yet I don’t remember many at all, especially not any complex hoaxs like this one.

A lot of what they said about the aliens and UFO just match up with other people, even though the way they describe the aliens is weird and almost like they were robots.

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#8- Betty & Barney Hill 1st Documented Alien Abduction – 1961

In 1961, Betty and Barney Hill reported an experience that would become one of the most famous accounts of an alleged alien abduction in history.

Returning from a vacation in Canada to their home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the couple witnessed a strange light in the sky that seemed to be following them. They lost consciousness, and upon waking, they had no memory of a couple of hours. Later, under hypnosis, they recounted a harrowing story of being abducted by extraterrestrial beings.

Their story, corroborated by their independent sessions of regressive hypnosis, described detailed physical examinations on a spacecraft, communication with the abductors, and a strange star map that Betty was shown.

Their experience, investigated by many, has given rise to numerous books, documentaries, and debate within the UFO research community, marking the beginning of an era where alien abduction accounts moved into the mainstream consciousness.

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#7 – Chicago Ohare UFO Sighting at Airport in Broad Daylight – Nov. 2006

In November 2006, Chicago O’Hare International Airport became the unlikely stage for one of the most credible and well-documented UFO sightings of the 21st century.

Numerous airport employees, including pilots and supervisors, reported seeing a metallic, saucer-shaped object hovering over Gate C-17. What made this sighting even more fascinating was that it occurred in broad daylight, with the UFO remaining stationary in the sky for several minutes before shooting upward at a great speed, leaving a clear blue hole in the overcast skies.

The event, initially reported by the Chicago Tribune, triggered a wave of national and international media interest.

However, despite the credibility of the witnesses and the detailed nature of their testimonies, the official explanation from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was that the sighting was likely caused by a “weather phenomenon.” This explanation was met with significant skepticism, and the incident remains a fascinating case in UFO history.

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#6- Police Officer Lonnie Zamora UFO Sighting in 1964 

One of the most famous and intriguing UFO sightings occurred in April 1964, involving a respected and reliable witness: Police Officer Lonnie Zamora of Socorro, New Mexico. Zamora reported witnessing an egg-shaped aircraft and strange, small humanoid figures in a remote area while on duty. This sighting, due to its physical evidence and credible witness, has become a seminal event in UFO history.

However, despite Zamora’s reputation for integrity and his vivid, detailed account, he faced substantial skepticism and ridicule following the incident. This skepticism deeply affected Zamora, who maintained his account until his death, raising important questions about the societal response to such extraordinary claims.

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#5- Bob Lazar Working at S4 and Area 51 – 1989 Las Vegas

This is not a typical UFO case but deserves to be in any top 10 related to UFOs!  This is just a solid case and Bob Lazar is like fellow UFO MVP Travis Walton, classy and believable.

There is just enough evidence here that leads me to believe that he for sure worked on a UFO as he described that used the element 115 as the fuel source.   Bob has come out and said that the Tic Tac UFO is exactly like the one he worked on and had same movements and just seems to match up.

Other things match up as well, including him talking about Element 115 back in 1989.  So I think this shows that the US did get alien tech and its why we are all as advanced as we are today.

YET I dont think that aliens are working with the USA and it seems more like Bob is reporting here, that they found this craft or maybe it was given to them.

YEt they didn’t know how to work it back then, so Im thinking that they made progress and figured some stuff out for sure, but that the tic tac UFO and other sightings are indeed ETs coming here in a way we just have not figured out.  They are way ahead of us it seems, which would make sense and even if they were only 100-200 years ahead, that’s a lot of time.

Yet odds are that they are like 121,000 years ahead, or way way more.

#4- Travis Walton 1975 Abduction

This is for sure the best abduction case and really a case that has everything. This is like close encounters of the first through the tenth kind.   If it was just the one guy Travis talking mad shit about being abducted and being gone 5 days and everything else, then sure no way you can even consider it.

YET there were 6 other guys that all SAW the UFO, they say Travis gets hit by a beam and then couldn’t find him after taking off scared.   So they all passed lie detector tests multiple times and when you just think of the whole story, it seems like NO WAY would they make that shit up.

For what? So Travis can become famous, while the other 6 just go along with it and become known as the best actors of all time? Yea right.  No chance, that was all as described. That a spaceship landed, took Travis and went somewhere.  Now maybe there is some other explanation like it was the US Govt and they were testing how people would react or something crazy like that, but barring that, I would say for sure it was UFOs and ETs in the fucking flesh!

That’s the thing about this case, Travis woke up and said he saw both Aliens and normal humans on the ship he was in.   Again it sounds crazy but the guy has not changed his story, and everything he said in 1975 seems to hold true in other stories and UFO cases.

So to me this has to be the best true Close Encounters of the 3rd kind type case and has a lot of really solid information.    Now with him seeing humans on this craft in 1975, that to me is a BIG THING. Like he was really clear here that he remembers this, it’s not something from being hypnotized.

He remembers the aliens, and then the human guy, and then the human guy took him to other humans including a human female.  SO its like if you believe Travis Walton, like I and 1000s of others do, then this is really interesting info.  This would mean either the aliens are working with other humans, OR there is some kind of hybrid program going on.

It seems like the aliens did not mean to abduct him as they did with Betty and Barney Hill.  This was some kind of mistake and Travis got zapped and they decided they needed to take him in order to save him.  That is his theory now, and it seems to make the most sense.

Travis was just on Jimmy Church this post week and even at age 75 or something, he is sharp and a good story teller. If he is lying, he goes to #1 on the all-time Hoax list for anything.  NO, its no hoax and a really good case to study to try and figure out what’s really going on here.

#3- Rendlesham Forest UFO Case over 3 Days in Decmber 1980

Wow this case is something special and is the case that really convinced me that there was something really big going on that was REAL.

This case has all kinds of proof and weird stuff. It has all kinds of top-ranking military officers and people you would tend to believe.

It happened over at least 3 nights and its one of those cases that has a ton of compelling evidence but still there is enough room for people to think something else happened.

The only thing it could have been is some kind of US tech that we were testing, but I doubt it. Not over 3 straight nights and there is just so much evidence here that something from another world visited us that Christmas weekend of 198o.

One theory is that it was US from the future. Time traveling style and there is some really solid proof here that points to exactly that. Its almost too much and why you don’t hear more about it, but I think it’s a solid theory and it’s really possible that they were time travelers, OR someone from another dimension also seems to fit.

One thing I always think of with these crazy UFO cases like this, is where the F do these guys go? I mean one thing Ive never heard anyone talk about in this case, is how close it is to water.   That has to be where most of them go, underwater bases of some kind.  Otherwise its like they are just going to fly where ? Like during these 3 days, where did they go hang out between nights?

Mother ship or do they just have a cloaking device and they just are never seen unless they want to be seen.   Yet if there is a time-traveling situation or another dimension that involves some kind of portal or wormhole, well that’s where they go.  They basically come into the earth, and then open some kind of cosmic door and are gone like that, and then can easily come and go as they please.

#2- 1997 Phoenix Lights mass Sighting – March 13, 1997

On March 13, 1997, the city of Phoenix, Arizona experienced one of the most compelling UFO sightings in history, now commonly referred to as the Phoenix Lights. The event lasted for several hours and was witnessed by thousands of people throughout the state.

Here is a brief chronology of the events:

  • At around 7:30 PM, the first sighting of a V-shaped formation of lights was reported by witnesses in Henderson, Nevada.
  • The lights were then reported to be seen over Prescott, Arizona and then over Phoenix at around 10 PM.
  • The formation was described as being up to a mile wide and completely silent as it moved slowly over the city.
  • Witnesses reported seeing the lights disappear behind the Estrella Mountains and then reappear over the city, changing formation.
  • The event lasted for several hours and was witnessed by thousands of people.

Here are 5 reasons why the Phoenix Lights case is one of the top UFO cases of all time:

  1. Scale: The sheer number of witnesses makes this one of the most compelling cases in UFO history. Thousands of people from all walks of life reported seeing the strange lights that night, including police officers, pilots, and military personnel.

  2. Duration: The event lasted for several hours, giving witnesses ample time to observe and report what they were seeing.

  3. Size and Shape: The formation was described as being up to a mile wide and V-shaped, which is a unique and unusual sighting in UFO history.

  4. Skeptical Explanation: The U.S. Air Force initially claimed that the lights were flares dropped during a military exercise, but this explanation was later called into question due to the size and shape of the lights, as well as the fact that they were reported to be completely silent.

  5. Government Response: The Phoenix Lights case is unique in that the governor of Arizona at the time, Fife Symington, held a press conference to mock the event and claim that it was a hoax. However, years later, Symington would admit that he saw the lights himself and that he believes they were of extraterrestrial origin.

The Phoenix Lights case remains one of the most well-documented and fascinating UFO sightings in history, and continues to intrigue and mystify people to this day.

#1- 1994 Ariel School UFO Phenomenon – September 1994

In September 1994, a group of over 60 children at the Ariel School in Zimbabwe reported seeing a small alien emerge from a hovering craft and telepathically warn them of a dystopian future.

This reported UFO encounter has become known as the “Ariel School Encounter” and has been the subject of ongoing investigation and debate among ufologists and skeptics.

The Ariel School UFO incident is a fascinating and controversial event that took place in Zimbabwe in 1994.

Here are five reasons why it’s considered one of the top UFO cases of all time:

  1. Multiple witnesses: In this case, more than 60 school children, along with their teachers and staff, claimed to have seen a strange craft and alien beings. Having so many witnesses to an unusual event is highly unusual and adds credibility to the claims.

  2. Detailed and consistent testimony: The children’s descriptions of the craft and beings were consistent and detailed, with many of them drawing similar pictures of what they saw. This is often seen as evidence that the witnesses were not making up their stories.

  3. Independent investigation: The incident was investigated by independent researchers and journalists, who found no evidence of a hoax or other explanation for the children’s claims. This adds to the credibility of the witnesses’ accounts.

  4. Impact on witnesses: The incident had a profound impact on the witnesses, many of whom reported experiencing psychological and emotional distress following the event. This is a common feature of UFO encounters and suggests that something unusual and significant occurred.

  5. Lack of explanation: Despite extensive investigation, there is no satisfactory explanation for the Ariel School incident. This leaves open the possibility that the witnesses’ claims are true and that we have yet to fully understand the nature of the phenomenon they experienced.

Here is a chronology of the events that took place:

  • Prior to the encounter, the Zimbabwean media had been reporting a series of nocturnal UFO sightings above Harare, the country’s capital.
  • On the morning of September 16, 1994, over 60 children at the Ariel School were playing outside while their teachers were in a meeting inside the main school building.
  • The children noticed three silver balls hovering in the sky above the schoolyard. The objects slowly descended closer and closer to the ground before disappearing and reappearing several meters away with each successive disappearance and reappearance.
  • Two of the objects started to rise back up to their original position while the third continued to move towards the ground, following the path of a line of electricity pylons before descending into a cluster of gum trees located roughly 300 feet from the playground.
  • A group of the children promptly set off to investigate the object and came within a few feet of the foliage when a figure suddenly emerged from the top of the hovering craft. The entity was only about three or four feet tall and was clad in a shiny and tight-fitting suit of some kind.
  • The entity walked around as if inspecting the rough terrain, causing the children to scream and run back to the school building to fetch help. The entity then moved over to the waiting children where it surveyed them through emotionless eyes. The children were consumed by an overwhelming feeling of despair and hopelessness and had visions of a dystopian future.
  • After a number of minutes, the entity turned away and then floated back up into the waiting orb. The object promptly shot up into the sky at great speed before disappearing with a further red flash.
  • In the days following the occurrence, a number of prominent ufologists visited the school to investigate the encounter. While the visual inspection of the alleged landing site along with the use of geiger counters produced nothing of value, interviews with 12 of the young witnesses completely persuaded investigators that the incident had transpired exactly as it had been reported.
  • The incident gained worldwide attention and has become a well-known case in UFO lore.

Based on this case, here are the top 5 takeaways:

  1. The Ariel School Encounter is one of the most well-known and well-documented cases of alleged UFO encounters involving a large group of witnesses, particularly young children.

  2. The consistency of witness accounts, despite their varying ages, ethnicities, and social standing, suggests that the encounter was not a made-up story.

  3. The telepathic warnings about a dystopian future given to the children by the alien entity is a recurring theme in other UFO cases and suggests a message being communicated to humanity.

  4. The lack of physical evidence of the encounter, such as photos or video footage, has led some skeptics to dismiss the incident as a hoax or mass hysteria.

  5. The lasting impact of the encounter on the witnesses, many of whom have maintained their story over the decades, is a testament to the potential reality and significance of such encounters, even if they remain unproven.