1994 Zimbabwe Ariel School Aliens- #1 UFO Case of All Time

The 1994 Africa School Mass UFO Sighting – 2oo Kids See UFO

For sure the #1 UFO Case of all time. Pound for Pound #1!

That’s a crazy headline, that 200 kids actually saw a UFO. Even crazier is that 62 of them saw the ufo land AND saw straight up ET Aliens! That is as RARE as it gets in the UFO world.

Seems crazy and if anyone told you that headline, no way do you believe it. You think well its just some hoax and kids getting fooled. Yet that’s exactly what happened in the Zimbabwe Africa Ariel School UFO event in September 1994.

We are not talking about that a bunch of kids who saw something in passing that they thought was a UFO because they were so young (between like 6 and 12 years old).

NO, we are talking about a straight-up UFO landing in the back forest area of a suburban school in Africa and at least two Aliens getting out of the craft and appearing in front of the kids.

Telepathic messages, big ass eyes, floating aliens, the aliens seeming to just vanish and then reappearing. Then the MESSAGES sent to the kids. I mean no way all these kids just made this shit up to this level of detail. I mean there is video of the kids talking about it a day after the event, and then at other times with Dr. John Mack.

They did not see these things from like 1000 feet away, as the one young girl said in the recent movie The Phenomenon, “they were 1 meter away”, that’s only a little over 3 feet away! I mean these things were frigging up close and super personal.

So sounds crazy and why I think a LOT, if not all people just dismissed this event in 1994. UFO Director James Fox said he heard about this case from Steven Speilberg back in 1997 and just didn’t look into it that hard because he thought It was just way too crazy to believe.

I never heard about it and was always combing the news for interesting stories. Not UFO stories because really they didn’t exist back then. Not really, I mean where? No Internet, No Podcasts, No YouTube, No Cell Phones, not much to get the UFO and Alien word out there.

YET if I had read about a GROUP of 200 kids witnessing a UFO landing and having contact with a straight-up ET, sure I would read that story!

I mean think about how RARE that is.

ANYONE saying that yes we saw the ship flying, we saw it land, we saw the “little beings” get out and float around, then we saw the ship leave and fly away.

I mean come on, that’s big news and you would think there would be something about it. Yet there was nothing that I ever remember, and then even say in 2010 when the Ancient Aliens and all the UFO shows and stories came out more, this was never one of them.

The more I look at this case, the more I’m fascinated by it.  It’s just a really strong case because of the fact that there are so many kids saying the same thing. 

Also, they are all on video multiple times right after this event,  so you see the real emotions from the kids and no way can that many kids get together and pull some hoax like that.

Then they also all did drawings of the beings that same day and the teacher collected all of them, and they all looked alike. Also a lot of what they said in the descriptions of the beings and the craft match up pretty well with everything that has come out since.

So all of them seemed to say same thing and then to just stick with the story 25 years later, even though these kids drifted apart and went to different parts of the world.     They all still say the same thing and that really is as impressive as anything. To see them as adults talking about it.

They were all affected by it and it’s as compelling of UFO evidence as I’ve seen really.

Every single expert seems to chime in that YEP this is one strong compelling case.  There’s not much to debunk, even though you know some of these guys will try. I mean really what do you say here if you are a skeptic?

You could have nightmares like the above piece of alien nightmare art! I did this alien piece of art with help of Artificial Intelligence, and the funny thing is it doesn’t know me or have a photo of me, but somehow that’s me in that photo on right side above clock…. creepy!?

MASS HYSTERIA Theory? NOPE – According to Top Journal

I heard one thing about MASS Hysteria and that might have been what happened here. Not sure how that could even be a thing in this case, but there was a study done and its the #1 result on google if do a search for this case by searching “1994 africa ufo case”. 

It’s by a medical journal and its titled “Episodes of Mass Hysteria in African Schools” A study of literature. 

They seem to talk about how that mass hysteria can happen and has many many times, YET in the article, they mention this case as you can see below, and they basically say this is NOT mass hysteria.

—> Read article here on Mass Hysteria In African Schools

Zimbabwe Africa UFO Case

In 1994, 62 school children all reported seeing an alien craft land and extraterrestrial creatures emerge. Virtually every single one of the 62 children iterated the exact same story with same details and none of them had gone against his/her story.

Many dismissed the 1994 incident as mass hysteria affecting the children. But when the children were found to not have much prior knowledge to UFOS or popular UFO perceptions, many other people believed that what the children witnessed could have been real. The children were asked to draw what they have encountered the day prior.”  —

Thats the only thing they say about it and it seems if anyone was going to blame it on mass hysteria it was that journal and they did not!  

It’s the only case they couldn’t explain and this was brought up by Nick Pope and the other guy on the New York Post  Basement UFO show, which is a really solid series by those two. The British Mulder and that other guy!

Featured in the New James Fox Movie “The Phenomenon”

The film the Phenomenon by James Fox features footage of children at the Ariel School, an elementary school outside Harare, Zimbabwe, taken during a visit to the school by the late Dr. John Mack of Harvard University. They testified to seeing a small, ovoid craft land in 1994 near their playground.

*** Here are some of the kids from that day as adults with James Fox in photo above

In the footage, the children describe a small, manlike being who emerged from the craft and stood before them for quite some time — after which some of them said they saw images in their minds of a dying Earth and felt the being was trying to give them a warning.

Fox took his own camera crew to the school to interview the students, now adults, about how their experiences had affected them.

“As we were working, I was surprised that the headmistress, who had given us clear permission to work on the campus, came out of her office and said she wanted to go on camera,” Fox said. “She apologized to the students for not believing their stories when they were children and for forcing them to stop talking about them. When I asked her what happened, she said simply, ‘We were visited by aliens.’”

100% no doubt. There is SO much evidence here from the kids. I mean zero chance they somehow make this up and then keep the lie and hoax going, as 6-12 year olds, yea right.  No chance of that.

This is one of the theories for this case, that they simply made it up. That the older kids said lets play a joke, and the younger kids went along and then were pressured.

No way, that’s crazy! I mean sure I could see kids trying it, but to pull it off and then go through weeks of intense interviews by John Mack and others. Then 20 plus years later, keep it going. Man a movie would be done on that crew as the worlds greatest and longest hoax.

NO. They all saw a UFO and a lot of them actually SAW THE ALIENS. That is a straight up rare ass Speilberg like Close Encounter of the 3rd Kind.

I mean this should be worldwide news even now. It’s not like you have any other cases like this, not where the aliens came out. There are very few legit cases where people actually saw an alien being. It’s usually just the UFO crafts.

This is what the top UFO movie all time is about, close encounters of the THIRD Kind, when you actually see the beings.  *** Anyone who liked that movie should see the Directors Cut, it has different content and new stuff added, more aliens and ufos basically.

I mean I can only think of a few cases where aliens are actually involved. Travis Walton, Lonnie Zamora, the one 1973 abduction case of Calvin Parker and then a whole bunch of alien abduction stories.  I might be missing a few but to actually see an alien seems super rare, then to say it was in broad daylight at a school seems crazy!

I mean if one or even 5 of them say this, well it’s easy to write off. Yet 60 plus? Also, there is a lot of evidence Ive found that says there were a lot of UFO sightings before and after that day in question in Zimbabwe and it turns out there is a lot of UFO and Alien activity in that region, we just would never hear anything about it.


Then there is the part where ALL of the kids that were in that one area when the aliens actually came out of the ship said they got messages.

Telepathic messages mostly about us destroying the planet and mostly bad stuff. I mean really think about that fact, I mean that’s 1994, Is Al Gore even talking about the environment yet?  If so, not to kids in Africa!

I mean you can watch the video of these kids like a few days and then a few months after the incident in 1994. They are describing how they got these messages. They are not coming out and saying it was telepathic.

No, they are just saying like “somehow I looked into the deep dark HUGE eyes of the beings and just had a message in my mind”. I mean you can tell if kids are lying mostly. I mean if you have some master criminal in the making, maybe he or she fools you, but 60-100 plus kids? Just lying away, going overboard with details and drawings.

Really if you look at the videos and the drawings and the explanation of what the beings looked like, no doubt they sound like everything you hear abductees talk about when describing the aliens.

The grays, both short and tall. Even though they mostly described them a little differently in some ways. Like they said they had on like skintight all-black suits. Yet that can simply be a gray finally putting some clothes on and showing some respect around the kids!

Short, HUGE eyes, they don’t talk but do use telepathy and a few other things about the craft that seems on point with most everything solid story.

So it’s one thing if some kids said that now in 2021. With all the Internet stuff, movies done, well you could see some kids maybe making it up and being really creative about it.  (YET Ive never heard anyone even try something like that at any point)

Yet in 1994 in Africa, I really don’t think these kids would have much exposure to UFO stuff at all.  I mean I remember 1994 and there was just not much on UFO and Aliens at all. I think the X Files started around then, and there was of course some stuff that came up, but nothing like there is now.

I mean area 51 was sort of talked about, but there were never any alien shows or coverage in media or much of anything.   So really doubtful that had anything to do with it or influence on anything. I mean you can see how scared in some ways these kids are, that is real fear.

Also these kids are all different kinds of ages and races. I mean talk about a perfect mix of rich, poor, black, white, male. female, quite diversity and just another reason to believe these kids.  Its by far the best UFO case of all time.

The Experience of the Kids of Ariel School

Then a lot of them have talked about it lately and for some it was an amazing experience that made them more bold and outgoing. While others its messed up somewhat. I’ll bet any money some of those kids have been revisited.  It seems to happen for a reason, that landing was for a reason.

It was odd that no adults were around but they were in a meeting. SO that’s pretty rare the adults said, it only happened once in a while that no adults would be watching the kids during recess.

SO its like the ETs knew this fact and I totally believe that. It’s why there are not as many big sightings anymore, they KNOW we have better tech and ways of filming them.

In 1997 phoenix lights case, we did not.  They knew it. It was like a planned show and parade and all of this is leading up to disclosure, not by our people BUT by the Aliens.

Its almost like the Aliens are leaving clues that they exist or something. I mean all of these really big cases are super unique and never happen again. Theres not been another Phoenix Lights but Im going these boys come to Chicago soon and float a 2 mile ship around the Loop!

There has not been another Ariel school case that I know of and most of the really big cases are one and done. Travis Walton case was amazing, but since then no other cases of 7 loggers seeing a craft.

Yet when you put it all together there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that points to alien visitation on a regular basis.  Yet still we have no hard evidence and nobody seems to really know whats going on.

They are the ones who will let us know when they want to be known, until then the great mystery continues!

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