UFO and UFC Connection – Angela Hill (Betty & Barney Hill)

The UFO has a UFC Connection – Fighter Angela Hill

Everyone here at UF0 420 is a BIG UFC fan. The UFC has some `of the best fights and fighters of all time and is super exciting. Turns out, it also has one legit UFO Aliens connection.

Angela Hill is a super cool woman who happens to be a pretty good UFC fighter, and is also related to Betty and Barney Hill!

For the 2-3 people who don’t know who Betty and Barney Hill are, they are the first Alien Abductees and had a super famous UFO Abduction case back in 1961.  Its a great case and I have zero doubt it happened.

Angela Hill has a pretty interesting life and has done it all, including make a documentary on her grandparents alien abduction. She had been both a bartender and an animation studio illustrator before stepping into the octagon for the first time at 29 years old.


Angela Hill is many things. An artist, cosplayer, illustrator, undefeated kickboxer, mixed martial arts star, and the first Black woman in the UFC.

*** Since doing this post, Ive come to know Angela more and she is really charming and funny. She has dome UFC commentary and is really good. Ive not heard anyone talk with her about this abduction case, but Im betting that she is for sure an alien abductee…… it seems to run in the family for generations, so why would the most famous abduction case be different?  (1/21/22)
*** I doubt it is and maybe Angela “The Thrill” Hill is a Hybrid alien and the aliens all watch her fights?! Thats probably why shes been winning most of them and is no doubt a well respected female fighter and tough as nails.  (10/1/23)


But her icebreaker (before she got into the UFC) was a family story about aliens. Her grandparents Barney and Betty Hill were involved in one of the first and most well-known cases of alien abduction.

“They were driving and they lost time,” she tells Matt and Bill. “They got abducted and they didn’t remember what had happened, but they started having similar nightmares. And they ended up getting hypnotized, which was big back then, to recall what happened during those 6 or 7 hours.

And it turns out they had identical stories of seeing a light in the sky and a spaceship dropping down in front of them stopping the car, pulling them out of the car and performing all these experiments on them, and putting them back in. So yeah, they got Men in Black-ed.”

unexplained alien abductions

Angela Hill Did a Documentary on the Betty & Barney Hill Case

When I was in art school I did a whole documentary about it. I went to Philly where all my dad’s family is and talked to all the close relatives about my grandfather. They kind of recall when it happened, they all believe it.”

“My other grandmother’s the only one who’s like ‘Him and that witch are crazy,’” she laughs.

The so called “witch” is Betty Hill and she had some amazing claims where she talked about the aliens talking to her and telling her about where they came from, and she was able to draw a map and it later turned out to be exactly correct because of some recent discoveries we made.

Just another factor that would really put this case up there with some of the best of all time. Its also a rare case where its actually a Close Encounter of the THIRD Kind, meaning they actually saw aliens.

Angela Hill Was First African American Woman in UFC

Angelas grand parents would be super proud of her and all she has done, she really is a charming cool chick that is super unique. Im a big fan! To hear more about Angela’s UFC tryouts, her awesome list of rejected walk out songs, and why art students should fight each other more, check out her full episode of the Hard Times Podcast.

I really like Angela Hill and will be rooting for her tonight (8/6/21) in her fight.  Its pretty cool because I was watching her and liking her before I knew of the UFO connection.

I was like Joe Rogan when he discovered she was related to Betty and Barney Hill, she told him after podcast was over and he was bummed because he wanted to talk about it!  He always brings that up when the UFO topic comes up, which lately is a lot.

He has some of the best logic on the topic for sure, I would include him on the debate team of why UFOs are real and most likely Aliens.


I wonder if the Aliens who abducted the Hills are fans?  I mean I always have thought that these aliens must have such great tech, that they basically can watch and hear anyone they want.

*** Two years later I would say YES the Aliens are fans for sure! I mean how could they not be, its such an awesome sport and its probably broadcast to 1000’s of other planets like earth.

You always hear alien abductees talk about the fact that this is NOT a ONE TIME thing, they are abducted a lot and sometimes monthly.

It’s a real consistent pattern that the aliens keep tabs on people they abduct, so you have to wonder here do they know that the Hills were the first abductees?! If so, they might be watching tonight and I’m sure they would be rooting for Angela Hill!!