1977 UFO Documentary “Out of this World”

Video Analysis #003 – Out Of This World UK UFO Documentary featuring Jessie Roestenberg

This is actually an AWESOME UFO Documentary that is pretty raw and not edited in today’s fashion. It has some solid facts and is a hard-hitting look at this phenomenon. It even has this crazy UFO cult who seems out of place in this documentary, and no doubt if anyone just saw them talking, its an instant “they are crazy UFO people”.

YET the truth is that if you look at UFO stories over the years, I would say 95% or more of the stories are not only legit, but they are coming from normal “non-freak or crazy” type people.   Yet in the media, they will only show you the crazy people, and never the great compelling stories with strong evidence.

So I think its beyond obvious that the media overall has done all it can do to suppress the truth and hide the fact that this crazy shit has been going on for at least 90 years.  Now we have whistleblower heroes like David Grusch coming out stating what we have all known. You have aliens coming from the sky in Las Vegas and Peru, and it seems we are getting closer to the truth.

Out Of This World UFO Documentary Video

In “Out of This World,” a fascinating UFO documentary from the UK, originally aired in 1977, you’ll find an interview with Jessie Roestenberg, an ordinary housewife who recounts her encounter with a massive UFO in 1954. She also shares her brief interaction with the beings on board the craft.

In addition to Jessie’s account, the documentary explores various sightings of strange objects throughout history, ranging from small objects to massive crafts. UFO sightings have been reported in countries like Germany, Mexico, Brazil, and throughout the United States.

The documentary also raises questions about the possibility of UFOs hiding in clouds as a cover. It features interviews with notable individuals like George King and Gordon Creighton, who are actively engaged in making contact with extraterrestrial beings or receiving intelligent messages from them. The documentary delves into the theories, sightings, and investigations surrounding UFOs, shedding light on a fascinating and mysterious realm.


In 1954, a momentous encounter with an unidentified flying object (UFO) captivated the world and sparked a global interest in extraterrestrial life. This encounter, along with many others throughout history, has been meticulously documented and analyzed in a groundbreaking documentary that explores the mysteries of UFO sightings, attempts to make contact with otherworldly beings, and the possible existence of government cover-ups. The minimalist style of the documentary adds an atmospheric and gripping element, making it a must-watch for UFO enthusiasts and anyone intrigued by the unknown.

Encounter with a UFO in 1954

One of the documentary’s most compelling interviews is with Jessie Roestenberg, who experienced a remarkable encounter with a UFO in 1954. Roestenberg vividly describes the sighting, recounting how she and her friends noticed a strange object hovering overhead. The UFO emitted a bright light and moved in ways that defied conventional aircraft capabilities. As the UFO descended, Roestenberg and her friends were astounded to witness two humanoid figures inside the craft. The brief interaction left Roestenberg with a lasting impression and fueled her desire to uncover the truth behind these mysterious aerial phenomena.

Jessie Roestenberg, Joyce Bowles, George King, Gordon Creighton talk UFOs in Out of This World, 1977

Overview of the Documentary

The documentary itself adopts a minimalist style, which enhances the overall impact of the testimonies and evidence presented. The deliberate choice to focus on the essentials creates an atmospheric presentation that engages viewers and heightens their curiosity. This approach allows the documentary to stand as an important piece of evidence and documentation for UFO enthusiasts, ensuring that the focus remains on the encounters and the implications they hold for our understanding of extraterrestrial life.

UFOs in Clouds

One intriguing theory explored in the documentary suggests that UFOs may use clouds as camouflage or cover. There have been numerous accounts of UFO sightings emerging from or disappearing into clouds, pointing to a possible method used by these unidentified objects to remain undetected. This theory raises intriguing questions about the nature of UFO sightings and how these objects navigate our atmosphere without detection.

Attempts to Make Contact

Throughout history, individuals and organizations have made concerted efforts to communicate with extraterrestrial beings. One notable example highlighted in the documentary is the work of George King and Gordon Creighton.

Both King and Creighton made valiant efforts to establish contact with beings from other planets, utilizing telepathy and other means of communication. Furthermore, there have been claims of intercepting messages from intelligent alien sources, indicating that attempts to make contact may have yielded unexpected results that warrant further investigation.

Historical Sightings

The documentary provides a comprehensive overview of historical UFO sightings, spanning various locations around the globe. From Germany to Mexico, Brazil to Oregon, Montana to Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire in the United Kingdom, and even to numerous sightings in America, these encounters hold a wealth of information and insight into the unexplained.

The earliest known photographic evidence of a UFO dates back to 1883 in Mexico, capturing the attention and intrigue of people worldwide. The variety of shapes and descriptions offered by witnesses corroborates the notion that there is something truly extraordinary occurring in our skies.

Jessie Roestenberg, Joyce Bowles, George King, Gordon Creighton talk UFOs in Out of This World, 1977

Investigations and Speculations

The scientific community has been actively involved in investigating UFO sightings, bringing a methodical and rigorous approach to the phenomenon. The documentary delves into the various theories and explanations put forth by scientists to make sense of the sightings.

Additionally, reports of encounters with humanoid beings raise fascinating possibilities about the nature of these entities and their interactions with our world. It is not uncommon for sightings to occur over landmarks, fueling speculation about their intentions and potential government cover-ups. These investigations and speculations continue to push the boundaries of our understanding of the universe.

Unexplained Encounters

The documentary includes personal accounts of individuals who have experienced inexplicable encounters with otherworldly beings. These encounters often involve thorough medical examinations and interactions with entities that defy conventional understanding. Some individuals have reported suffering from radiation sickness and developing rashes after these encounters, suggesting a physical impact associated with these encounters. Additionally, there have been alleged warnings from government officials, further adding to the complexity and mystery surrounding these unexplained encounters.

Jessie Roestenberg, Joyce Bowles, George King, Gordon Creighton talk UFOs in Out of This World, 1977

Control and Suppression

Within the realm of ufology, there has been an ongoing struggle for control and the suppression of information. Conflicting viewpoints and differing groups with varying beliefs and agendas have led to a fragmented community in pursuit of the truth. The media has played a role in suppressing information, contributing to a sense of mystery and skepticism surrounding UFO sightings. The documentary explores these dynamics, shedding light on the complex relationship between fear and the human brain when confronted with the unexplained.

In conclusion, the documentary presents a comprehensive exploration of UFO encounters, investigations, and attempts to make contact with extraterrestrial beings. Through interviews, historical evidence, and scientific analysis, it challenges our understanding of the cosmos and opens up intriguing possibilities about life beyond our planet.

For UFO enthusiasts and those curious about the unknown, this documentary serves as a valuable resource, offering a deeper understanding of the unexplained phenomena that continue to captivate our imaginations. With the possibility of government cover-ups and the ever-present mystery of UFO sightings, the pursuit of truth remains as vital as ever.