Alien Abduction Short Stories – “Aliens Among Us”

Alien Abduction Short Stories by The Creep Chronicle

“Aliens Among Us”

In the sleepy town of Aylesworth, whispers of alien abductions had been the fodder of conspiracy theorists for years. Crop circles, strange lights in the sky, and unexplained power outages were dismissed by most locals as pranks or natural phenomena.

Lena, a journalist with a penchant for the unexplained, decided to delve deeper. She began interviewing locals, particularly those who claimed to have experienced abductions.

She met Dave, a farmer, who told her of the night he was taken. He described waking up on a cold, metallic table, surrounded by beings with large, black, emotionless eyes. “But the oddest thing,” Dave said, “was that some of them looked just like us.”

As Lena documented more accounts, a chilling pattern emerged: The ‘abductees’ all remembered seeing a familiar face among the aliens, someone they knew from town, but they could never quite place who.

Curiosity piqued, Lena organized a town hall meeting. The night was dark, with no stars in sight, as if a blanket had been thrown over Aylesworth. At the meeting, she shared her findings, positing that the aliens might already be living among them.

As the townsfolk murmured uneasily, the power cut out, and the room was plunged into darkness. Panic spread, and when the backup generator kicked in a minute later, several townspeople were missing from their seats.

Weeks turned into months, and those who disappeared were never found. Aylesworth became a ghost town, its mysteries buried with time.

But if you drive through it on a quiet night, locals from neighboring towns swear you’ll see lights in the sky, and sometimes, just sometimes, a familiar face, devoid of emotion, staring right back at you.

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