Welcome to UFO 420

Welcome to the launch of the UFO 420.com, a website dedicated to getting to the fucking truth about UFO’s, ETs and if there is life on other planets!!

This website will be bringing you the latest UFO News and headlines. The latest UFO sightings from around the country and a podcast with two best friends who are old AF but still ready to throw down and get to the bottom of the 2021 UFO mystery. 

Is there real UFOs that are flying around right now?

Is there life from other planets that visit planet earth?

Are we getting close to disclosure by the government letting us know that YES they (aliens) do exist?

YES, YES and Hell YES! Its only a matter of time before the truth is fully revealed here. 

**If you have a legit UFO sighting or video that you want to submit, filll out our online UFO sighting form, 

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