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Secure Team 10 is a UFO channel that most people know about. I say that because the guy has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube!  Yet he should have a lot more and something happened to this guy Tyler over past year or two and he still seems shook up.

There were all kinds of rumors because he was doing a video or two a week and Im sure like most people, if you get used to a channel being on, and it just stops basically, you are like whats up?!  Then Tyler started leaving these cryptic weird videos about different things, alluding that maybe someone was trying to shut him up. You know, men in black style!

Yet then rumors started that he was hooked on drugs, got a few DUIs and then maybe was beating his lady.  I doubt that last one, the guy seems pretty mellow and not like an abusive to anyone person.  Yet who knows what happened and life is hard, especially when you are in public eye and have so many people wondering whats going on.

So he has been back for last few months after being gone for about a year, and every once in awhile a video would drop saying something about him.

I liked his videos and thought he did a good job. Yet I always felt he wasnt focusing enough on the actual UFO topic and needed to do more stuff like what he did with Bob Lazar. That was a solid interview he did before Bob Lazar blew up on the Joe Rogan show and the new movie came out on Netflix.

Glad to see Tyler back doing videos and hope he keeps it up. We need more people like him to help bring the truth on whats really goin on. Enjoy the latest from secure team 10 below about UFOs in Antarctica.

WHAT Did We Just Find On Antarctica?

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