Some UFO Sightings Are Fake

Are Some UFO Sightings Hoaxes? HELL YES

There are a lot of people out there that will lie about seeing a UFO.   Yet for most big cases, I dont see that many people trying to hoax.  It seems it would be really hard to do that!

Yet I dated this girl named Michelle once, and only once! It was a zero star date, but one thing that intrigued me was that she had this story about seeing a UFO right outside her window. 

This is in the middle of city of Chicago mind you, so not saying that cant happen, but it seems less likely to have a huge UFO in the middle of a big city, vs. the boonies and middle of nowhere. 

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Was Michelle Lying? 

YES she was actually and it might have been the first time I heard a story from someone that I just said NO WAY!

Shes lying and just wanted to act like she saw one. NO she didnt and turns out the girl lied about a lot of stuff!

Yet it was a bummer because I felt for sure that I was in the presence of someone who had maybe even been abducted. 

Yet no, just like the date itself, it was a massive disappointment.  Like sometime you just know when a person is full of shit and trying to make things up. Yet really these days it doesnt matter if a person sees a light or craft in the sky, we have enough of that.  We need hardcore evidence of alien beings and thats what we are working on over here at UFO 420, stay tuned for some real stories.