Antonio La Rubia’s Alien Abduction in Paciencia, Brazil, 1977

Brazil Alien Abduction Cases – 1977 Antonio La Rubia

In the video “Antonio La Rubia’s abduction by robot-like beings and UFO encounter in Paciencia, Brazil, 1977” presented by Eyes On Cinema @RealEOC, you will be taken on a thrilling journey into the mysterious world of alien encounters.

The article discusses the case of Antonio La Rubia, a bus driver from Brazil, who experienced a life-altering encounter with robot-like creatures and a UFO in Paciencia.

The video explores the details of the incident, including La Rubia’s account of being taken aboard the spacecraft, examined by the aliens, and even having a sample of his blood taken. The captivating story is accompanied by intriguing visuals and supporting evidence, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in UFO phenomena.

As you dive into this mesmerizing video, you’ll be transported back to October 8, 1977, near Rio de Janeiro, where La Rubia’s extraordinary journey unfolded. In the early hours of the morning, he found himself face-to-face with an enormous lead object blocking his path, bathed in an intense blue light.

Suddenly, three robot-like beings emerged from the light and joined him. The video delves into the details of La Rubia’s encounter, his examination by the aliens, and the bizarre drawings they made using his own blood as ink. The story takes a surprising twist as the spacecraft disappears, leaving La Rubia bewildered and back at the bus terminal. Prepare to be captivated by this unforgettable account that has driven La Rubia into seclusion due to the persistent hounding by the press.

Key Takeaways From VIDEO

  • Antonio La Rubia, a bus driver, had an abduction experience with robot-like beings in Paciencia, Brazil, in 1977.
  • He encountered a UFO in a field, witnessed an intense blue light, and saw the appearance of robot-like creatures.
  • La Rubia was taken inside the spacecraft, where the aliens examined him, took a blood sample, and created drawings with his blood.
  • After the experience, the spacecraft disappeared, and La Rubia found himself back at the bus terminal.
  • Due to press hounding, La Rubia withdrew from the public eye and went into seclusion.


In Paciencia, Brazil, on October 8, 1977, Antonio La Rubia, a bus driver, had a life-changing experience. He was waiting for his ride to work in a large field near his home at 2:15 in the morning. The dim light made it challenging to identify objects clearly. Suddenly, an enormous lead object blocked his path, and the field became illuminated by an intense blue light.

Antonio La Rubias abduction by robot-like beings and UFO encounter in Paciencia, Brazil, 1977

Abduction Experience

As La Rubia stood in the field, three robot-like creatures appeared beside him. The next thing he knew, he found himself inside a spacecraft, being examined by the aliens. The beings took a blood sample from him and made drawings using his blood on a TV-like screen. While inside the spacecraft, La Rubia witnessed the disappearance of the ship.

UFO Encounter

Before the abduction, La Rubia encountered an enormous lead object in the field. The object emitted an intense blue light, capturing his attention. This is when the robot-like creatures made their appearance.

Antonio La Rubia’s Experience

During the abduction, La Rubia was subjected to examinations conducted by the alien beings. They took a blood sample from him for unknown purposes. The aliens also used his blood to create drawings on a screen, possibly as a form of communication or record-keeping. After the examination, La Rubia was transported back to the bus terminal where he worked.

Press Hounding

Following his extraordinary experience, La Rubia faced persistent attention from the media. Journalists and reporters hounded him, seeking interviews and information about his encounter. The constant scrutiny and invasion of privacy drove La Rubia to retreat from public life and seek seclusion.


Antonio La Rubia’s abduction by robot-like beings and UFO encounter in Paciencia, Brazil, in 1977 remains a mysterious and fascinating event. His experience of encountering an enormous lead object, being examined by alien beings, and having his blood sampled and used for drawings on a screen captivated the public’s attention.

However, the press’s relentless pursuit of La Rubia forced him into seclusion, seeking solace away from the scrutiny and intrusion. The story of La Rubia’s encounter serves as a reminder of the profound and enigmatic nature of UFO experiences and the impact they can have on individuals’ lives.

If you are interested in reading about Antonio La Rubia’s abduction by robot-like beings and UFO encounter in Paciencia, Brazil in 1977, you can find the detailed case report in the APRO bulletin from October 1977.