Pier Fortunato Zanfrettas Alien Abduction Experience in Italy 1978

1978 UFO Cases – Italian Security Guard Alien Abduction

In 1978, security guard Pier Fortunato Zanfretta had an out-of-this-world experience in Italy. He claimed to have been abducted by aliens and taken aboard a triangular spaceship. And get this, 52 other people saw a large saucer in the sky at the same time!

Like, talk about a crazy coincidence. But it doesn’t stop there; there were footprints and marks left behind at the scene, and the case continued with even more incidents. So, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride through Zanfretta’s alien adventure from Italy in 1978.

Security guard Pier Fortunato Zanfretta’s alien abduction experience, Italy, 1978 ~ hypnosis session


In 1978, security guard Pier Fortunato Zanfretta claimed to have experienced an alien abduction in Italy. Zanfretta described encountering a large alien with gray, flabby skin and being taken aboard a triangular-shaped spaceship. What makes his story even more intriguing is the fact that there were witnesses and physical evidence supporting his claims.

Zanfretta’s Encounter

Zanfretta’s encounter with the alien and the spaceship left a lasting impression on him. The alien he described was three meters tall and had a fat and corrugated gray skin, almost like it was wearing a flabby suit.

Shortly after encountering the alien, Zanfretta witnessed it flying away on a giant, bright light triangular-shaped spaceship with small little lights of different colors on the upper side. The encounter took place near the country house Casa Nostra in Marzano of Torriglia, a village in the hills of Genoa.


Following Zanfretta’s claims, the Carabinieri, the Italian military police, got involved in the investigation. They were able to confirm that 52 people saw a large, bright saucer in the sky at the same time as Zanfretta’s experience. This added credibility to Zanfretta’s story. Additionally, during the investigation, footprints and marks were found at the location of Zanfretta’s encounters, further supporting his claims.

Continued Incidents

The case didn’t end with Zanfretta’s initial abduction. Zanfretta continued to have further experiences with the aliens. Twenty days after the initial encounter, Carabinieri found footprints measuring 50 centimeters long near Zanfretta’s car. These incidents added to the ongoing mystery and solidified Zanfretta’s case.

The impact of these incidents on Zanfretta’s life was significant. He went from being a regular security guard to someone who had experienced something beyond comprehension. The attention and scrutiny surrounding his claims undoubtedly had a profound effect on him.

Hypnosis Session

To gain a deeper understanding of Zanfretta’s experiences, he underwent a regressive hypnosis session. During this session, the night adventure he claimed to have had was borne out by his recollections.

His description of being dragged inside the spaceship and being examined by four monstrous aliens in great detail was both fascinating and chilling.

Phrases Describing Deep Sleep

Interestingly, during the hypnosis session, Zanfretta mentioned phrases that alluded to deep sleep and immobility of the body. He talked about how the sleep became progressively deeper and heavier, making him unable to move.

Rigid and Immobile Arm

One of the eeriest moments during Zanfretta’s hypnosis session was when he described his hand and arm becoming rigid and immobile like stone due to the deep sleep. To numb the right hand, ice was used, further adding to the surreal nature of his experience.

Going Back in Time

During the regression, Zanfretta mentioned experiencing fear and confusion. He talked about a car, fog, and attempts to resist being taken away. These phrases hint at a time when Zanfretta was transported or taken back in time, lending an even more bizarre element to the story.

Security guard Pier Fortunato Zanfretta’s alien abduction experience, Italy, 1978 ~ hypnosis session

Discomfort and Pain

The hypnosis session also revealed Zanfretta’s discomfort and pain during the encounter. He expressed discomfort from wearing a helmet and feeling cold. The presence of lights and the experience of pain were also mentioned, adding to the overall intensity of the encounter.


In a final twist, the phrases mentioned during Zanfretta’s hypnosis session instruct him to forget everything and wake up feeling good. It’s almost as if there was an attempt to erase the memories of the encounter, leaving Zanfretta in a state of blissful ignorance.

The case surrounding Pier Fortunato Zanfretta’s alien abduction experience in 1978 remains an enigma. The witnesses, physical evidence, and Zanfretta’s own recollections during hypnosis all contribute to its intrigue. Whether you believe in extraterrestrial encounters or not, there’s no denying the fascinating and humorous aspects of Zanfretta’s account.

“In the night between Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 of December 1978, you, the security guard Pier Fortunato Zanfretta of the Institute of Private Security Val Bisagno in Genoa, Italy, were found in a state of shock and terror near the country house Casa Nostra (Our House) located in Marzano of Torriglia, a village in the hills of Genoa.

When you woke up, you shook as you described seeing “a very big alien, three meters (118.11 inches) tall, with a fat and wrinkled gray skin, like it was a loose suit.” You said it flew away a few minutes later “aboard a giant bright light triangular-shaped craft, with small lights of different colors on the upper side.”

Through regressive hypnosis, your night-time encounter was confirmed, as you shared that you were taken inside the “spaceship” where four monstrous aliens examined you in great detail. An investigation by Carabinieri, the Italian military police, revealed that 52 people witnessed a large, bright flying saucer in the sky over Torriglia at that time. Furthermore, near the spot where the other security guards found you, Carabinieri discovered a three-meter horseshoe-shaped mark.

As people pondered over this mysterious close encounter of the third kind, it happened again twenty days later. This time, Carabinieri discovered footprints measuring 50 centimeters (19.69 inches) near your car, the security guard. The Zanfretta case had only just begun.