Are UFOs and ETs Real in March 2021?


Answer = UFO’s are real and they are NOT Spectacular! Yet they are REAL!!

HELL YES they are real! UFOs and ETs that is. Terry Hatchers boobs were also real.

Back to the UFOs being real.  I used to never believe in UFOs and I try to think back to what I thought about certain UFO cases or abduction news, and I dont really remember that much. Like most people, you just tend to ignore certain things that dont interest you, or you dont feel are real.

Like Ghosts! I also never believed in ghosts or paranormal stuff, and still dont really. Even though the more research I do into the UFO topic, the more Im starting to think that there might be some paranormal stuff. Mainly related to ET Abductions and how the UFOs get here.

That has always been a question Ive had…. “How do they get here AND where the hell do they go?”.  Like cases like the 2004 Nimitz encounter with Commander David Frayvor seeing the TIC TAC UFO, where did it then go?   Like no way they come all this way, and then just say OK cool, bye.

Then just coming all this way, thats the one thing most skeptics will point to, that its just to far for a UFO and ETs to travel.  A light year is a long fucking way!   Yet it seems now that the Aliens and ETs are just way way more advanced than we are and its super easy for them to get around.   Time travel, teleportation, anything goes!

Yet one thing is for sure, the overwhelming evidence points to the fact that UFOs and Aliens are here already and have been here for awhile.

There is SO much evidence if you take the time to look at it all. Sure some of it is bullshit, and some of it is hoax type stuff, BUT not that much to be honest. I mean I always thought like who really would want to do a UFO or abduction hoax? Just seems like most people still dont really want to be associated with that topic and its one of those things where you are instantly pegged as NUTS! No jury, no trial just the verdict of you being 100% crazy for even talking about UFOs and little green men.

Yet  these days its much different overall. Way way more people are talking about the topic and it seems to get way more respect.  YET that being said, people will still act like Im crazy for saying I believe that UFOs and Aliens exist. Who gives a fuck! Not me.

I have a few different theories on what I think is happening with UFOs these days that I will be writing about. I plan on solving this great UFO Alien ET Mystery/Riddle Enigma!


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