Top UFO Host of All Time – Art Bell

Art Bell – Great Radio Host & UFO Believer!

I never really listened to Art Bell that much when he was hot and doing his thing back in the 1990s. I would listed to him from time to time but I was just not into the topic as much and so I never had the pleasure of listening to him live.

If you like the UFO topic, do yourself a favor and check out his older videos. He seems to be also into the paranormal and time travel stuff, but I like everything he talks about related to UFOs. Super smart guy and a really entertaining voice and interviewer of people.

Straight up LEGEND is this guy. I mean I always knew he had a solid reputation and people really liked him. Yet I never knew why until I started listening to his older shows from 1995-2015 or so.

You can find him on YouTube on a few different channels including THE DARK MATTER ARCHIVES.  

This video above is classic Art Bell and a great broadcast with Tobias McGriff  and more importantly James Fox, aka the #1 UFO Director of our time.   This is him talking in 2013 about everything he has been doing movies and documentaries on including the amazing 1994 Africa Ariel School case.  That case is my new #1 case for proof of ETs being real. Not just UFOs flying in the skies but Aliens visiting us.  Check that case out and Ill be writing a lot about it soon.

Sad though that Mr Art Bell has passed away… RIP. Yet Im sure hes on his way to his next cosmic adventure where he will once again entertain millions. Maybe he will be on an Alien planet in another solar system where he talks about those weird beings called humans!

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