UFO videos filmed over Canada

Latest UFO Sightings – April 2021

I just found this UFO in the sky filmed in Canada. It was filmed over the city of Montreal and the second one was filmed somewhere over Quebec. They were taken just a few days ago and look interesting.

These look good I suppose but with all of the video editing and photoshop skilled creators out there, who knows!   Plus I think most people could see a UFO that looks amazing and seems Alien, and they still would not be convinced.

I think most people need to not only see a UFO land but also see aliens get out of the craft. Even then you would have UFO skeptics debunking it, and most people probably writing it off thinking there is some logical explanation and no way do ET Aliens exist.

Even if ET showed up at an NBA game and started dancing, ok maybe that would do it!

Do  Aliens Exist? Hard to say for sure without that smoking gun evidence, BUT I would say if you look at all the evidence its just flat out overwhelming that something big is going on.  I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of it for years and I feel Im getting closer!

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