The Assassination Attempts on UFO Experiencer Billy Meier

Famous UFO Cases – Billy “The Adult” Meier

In a riveting video titled “The multiple assassination attempts on UFO contactee Eduard Albert ‘Billy’ Meier,” Eyes On Cinema @RealEOC presents the astonishing story of Billy Meier’s numerous encounters with danger.

Meier recounts his experiences, starting with an incident in May 1980 when he and Bailey were sitting on a couch outside. Suddenly, Meier felt a sharp pain and heard a gunshot, discovering a bullet near his head.

Despite searching for evidence, they couldn’t find the bullet until Meier’s daughter kicked away the sofa, revealing it on the floor. Meier believes it’s a 7.5-millimeter bullet, resembling a pistol bullet known as a Dum Dum due to its soft nose and lack of jacket.

The video delves into Meier’s other close calls, like a bullet that lodged in his diary and one that grazed his sheepskin coat. He attributes these incidents to dreams and other warnings that foretold the danger he faced. The first attempt, however, caught everyone by surprise, leaving no time for any forewarning.

Key Takeaways

  • UFO contactee Billy Meier has been the target of multiple assassination attempts.
  • These attempts have involved bullets and near misses, posing a significant threat to his life.
  • Meier believes that he receives warnings and protection through dreams and other mechanisms, which have helped him survive these attacks.

The multiple assassination attempts on UFO contactee Eduard Albert Billy Meier


In this article, we will be exploring the astonishing story of Billy Meier, a UFO contactee who has faced numerous assassination attempts throughout his life. These attempts have involved bullets and near misses, causing great concern for Meier’s safety. Despite the dangers he has faced, Meier firmly believes that he receives warnings and protection through dreams and other mechanisms, which have played a crucial role in his survival.

Assassination Attempts and Bullet Wounds

Case 1: Office Surprise

The first attempt on Billy Meier’s life took place while he was working in his office. Suddenly, a bullet shattered a window, catching him completely off guard. This incident marked the beginning of a series of assassination attempts that would follow Meier for years to come.

Case 2: Close Call with a Diary

Another incident involved a bullet hitting and lodging itself in a diary that Meier was carrying in his pocket. This close call was a stark reminder of the danger he constantly faced.

Case 3: The Metal Plate Protection

In another attempt, Meier was shot at from a nearby location. However, his metal plate protection saved him from the bullet, providing physical evidence of the danger he had narrowly escaped.

Case 4: Couch Surprise

While sitting on a couch, Meier had another brush with death as a bullet was fired in his direction. Interestingly, the bullet was later found behind the sofa, highlighting the mysterious nature of these attempts.

Case 5: Near Miss Hits the Wall

During yet another incident, an unknown person shot near Meier’s head, hitting the wall but missing him. Curiously, the bullet was later discovered behind the sofa, similar to a previous incident.

Case 6: Intense Back Pain

Meier experienced intense back pain before a bullet shot through the wall and narrowly missed hitting him. The timing and intensity of the pain served as a warning sign prior to the attack.

Case 7: Self-Defense

Meier found himself under fire from a distance, but he managed to shoot the running assailant in self-defense. This incident highlighted the lengths Meier must go to protect himself in the face of constant danger.

Near Misses and Warnings

Meier believes that he receives warnings before these attempts on his life. He claims to experience dreams and other indicators that serve as messages of impending danger. This intuition has proven invaluable in helping him evade harm and survive these potentially fatal situations.

Additionally, a woman confessed that she had attempted to assassinate Meier due to her religious fanaticism. However, she has since undergone a transformation and now considers herself a friend of Meier. She has even developed an interest in UFOs and Meier’s teachings, forging an unexpected connection.


Billy Meier’s life as a UFO contactee has been filled with numerous assassination attempts. The resilience and intuition he possesses have allowed him to navigate these dangerous situations, with warnings and protection mechanisms guiding him along the way.

Despite the constant threats to his life, Meier remains steadfast in his belief that he is receiving guidance that ultimately aids in his survival.

*** This is one of the harder ones to believe because it just seemed like some really TALL Tales, along with lame footage. YET the more I look at this case, the more it seems like this guy might have been legit.  I mean really how many UFO hoaxers are there? Not many.


It doesnt seem like anyone is motivated to do that.  Plus in most cases, theres just no way to hoax certain things. Lets face it, most of us know this is beyond real and something big is coming soon.   Lets face it, we could use the aliens to either bring us all together, or maybe to help us sort things out.  Please Aliens help! Lets face it, thats why they stay in the shadows, they want nothing to do with out crazy asses!