Whistleblower Bill Holden UFO Encounters in Military

UFO Video Analysis – William Holden Whistleblower Encounters

In a fascinating interview, Whistleblower Bill Holden recounts his extraordinary encounters with UFOs and extraterrestrial beings during his time in the military.

Holden had the unique opportunity to fly on Air Force One with President Kennedy, where they even discussed ET visitation. He also had multiple UFO sightings in Germany, encounters with extraterrestrial beings in Colorado Springs, and strange experiences in various other locations.

Holden’s encounters with aliens and his research into underground bases and tunnel systems have led him to question his religious beliefs and seek answers to the mysteries of the universe.

This gripping interview sheds light on Holden’s remarkable experiences and his belief that it is important for the world to acknowledge the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

From encountering UFOs in the skies to witnessing strange incidents involving extraterrestrial beings, Whistleblower Bill Holden shares his incredible journey during his military service. Holden had the privilege of flying on Air Force One with President Kennedy and had conversations about the existence of aliens and UFOs.

He experienced UFO sightings, encounters with otherworldly beings, and observed unusual incidents at various military bases. Through extensive research and encounters with experts in the field, Holden has gained unique insights into topics such as underground bases and experiments at Area 51. T

his enlightening interview offers a glimpse into Holden’s unexplained encounters and his unyielding determination to make the truth about UFOs and E.T. phenomena known to the world.

Bill Holden’s Military Service and UFO Encounters

Flying on Air Force One with President Kennedy

Bill Holden had the incredible opportunity to fly on Air Force One with President Kennedy during his military service. In June 1963, while stationed in Wiesbaden Air Force Base in Germany, he had the pleasure of being one of the stewards on board the aircraft. When President Kennedy came on board, he recognized Holden and greeted him with a warm “good morning, yerman Holden.” This encounter set the stage for an interesting conversation about UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation.

Holden had picked up a couple of newspapers that morning, which featured clear pictures of two UFOs spotted over the Autobahn. He had the newspapers sitting on the table and showed them to President Kennedy, asking for his thoughts.

President Kennedy, with his characteristic smile, replied, “well, what do you think?” Holden, being open-minded and coming from a background where his grandfather was a Methodist preacher, expressed his belief in the existence of other intelligent beings and UFOs. President Kennedy agreed with him, stating, “you’re right, young man,” which further solidified Holden’s curiosity about the topic.

*** Long story short…. Kennedy knew about UFO topic and wanted to break it wide open with other countries help. Thats why he was killed. So two of the biggest mysteries of our time solved, your welcome!

UFO Sighting in Germany in June 1963

During his time in Germany, Holden had a personal UFO sighting that further fueled his interest in the subject. In August 1962, while attending a swim meet in Scharfbrücke, a Canadian Air Base, he had the opportunity to go flying with a Canadian Air Force pilot.

They took off in an f-104 Starfighter, one of the fastest aircraft at the time. During their flight, Holden spotted a strange-shaped craft to their left and quickly alerted the pilot. They attempted to chase the craft, but it vanished in an astonishingly fast manner.

Upon their return, Holden and the pilot were met by a commander who instructed Holden to keep the sighting confidential and not discuss it with anyone. This encounter highlighted the existence of cover-ups and secrecy surrounding UFO sightings, both in the military and in the public. Holden obeyed the order to keep silent for many years but ultimately started speaking about his experiences in 1995.

Showing President Kennedy Pictures of UFOs on the Newspaper

During the famous Air Force One flight with President Kennedy, Holden had the opportunity to show him the front-page pictures of UFOs spotted over the Autobahn in Germany.

This interaction sparked an intriguing conversation between the two of them about the existence of extraterrestrial life and UFOs. Holden’s openness and belief in the possibility of other intelligent beings left a lasting impression on President Kennedy, who acknowledged the validity of Holden’s perspective.

Top Hat Clearance on Air Force One

Holden mentioned that his position on Air Force One granted him a top hat clearance, which meant that conversations held on board the aircraft were highly confidential. Anything discussed between individuals on Air Force One remained within the confines of the aircraft, and it was the responsibility of those onboard to maintain the secrecy. This level of clearance allowed the passengers to speak more freely, which likely prompted President Kennedy to engage in deeper discussions about ET visitation with Holden.

Another UFO Sighting in Germany in August 1962

Holden’s UFO sightings were not limited to just one occurrence. In August 1962, prior to his conversation with President Kennedy about UFOs, Holden had another encounter in Scharfbrücke, Germany. This time, he witnessed a strange craft that his pilot companion couldn’t identify.

After attempting to chase the craft, they were met with strict instructions from their superiors to maintain silence regarding the incident. These experiences gave Holden a firsthand understanding of the cover-ups and secrecy surrounding UFO sightings, both during his military service and in the public sphere.

Germans Not Keeping UFO Sightings a Secret

Holden mentioned an interesting detail about his UFO sightings in Germany during the early ’60s – the Germans were not keeping these sightings a secret. This observation is intriguing, as it suggests that there may have been a more open discussion and investigation of UFO phenomena in Germany during that time.

The willingness to acknowledge and report on UFO sightings could be attributed to differences in cultural attitudes and military policies. Regardless, Holden’s encounters allowed him to witness firsthand how secrecy and cover-ups were not consistent across all nations when it came to UFO sightings.

Voluntary Mission in Colorado Springs

Signing a 20-Year Non-Disclosure Agreement

In the summer of 1966, Holden found himself assigned to a voluntary mission that required him to sign a 20-year non-disclosure agreement.

The mission involved flying high-ranking military officials and scientific individuals to various locations, including Andrews Air Force Base, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, and White Sands in New Mexico.

This agreement prevented Holden from discussing the details of the mission with others and ensured the confidentiality and security of the mission’s operations.

Visiting Andrews Air Force Base, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, and White Sands

During this voluntary mission, Holden had the opportunity to visit several prominent military bases and research facilities. The group’s itinerary included stops at Andrews Air Force Base, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, and White Sands in New Mexico. These locations were known for their involvement in military research, technological advancements, and potentially UFO-related activities. These visits exposed Holden to a world of advanced technologies, undisclosed research, and intriguing possibilities.

Visiting the Blue Hangar at Wright-Patterson

One notable visit during Holden’s voluntary mission was to the Blue Hangar at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. This hangar was reputed to be involved in reverse engineering on UFOs and extraterrestrial technology. While visiting the Blue Hangar, Holden and his companions likely gained insights into the military’s research efforts and potential discoveries related to UFOs. The exposure to such secretive and cutting-edge work undoubtedly contributed to Holden’s growing understanding of the UFO phenomenon.

Witnessing UFOs and Encountering Extraterrestrial Beings

Holden’s voluntary mission also exposed him to firsthand UFO encounters and encounters with extraterrestrial beings. During their visit to Colorado Springs, Holden witnessed two unidentified flying objects along with his companions.

They also had a unique encounter with extraterrestrial beings in a box canyon. These experiences offered Holden insights into the reality and potential implications of UFOs and the existence of extraterrestrial life. The non-disclosure agreement he signed silenced him about these encounters for many years, but his eventual decision to come forward reflects his belief in the importance of sharing his experiences with the world.

Non-Disclosure Agreement and Confidentiality

Holden’s non-disclosure agreement, signed as part of his voluntary mission, played a crucial role in his silence regarding his UFO encounters and extraterrestrial encounters. The agreement obligated him to maintain confidentiality and ensure that the details of the mission and any related experiences remained undisclosed.

This commitment to secrecy showcases the level of caution and confidentiality that the military sought to maintain, emphasizing their desire to keep such information hidden from the public eye. The eventual decision to come forward demonstrates Holden’s changing perspective and his belief that the truth should be known.

Whistleblower Bill Holden talks about his UFO and alien encounters during his military service

Encounters at Indian River and Peru

Encounter with ETs at Indian River, Florida

Holden’s experiences extended beyond his military service, as he had an encounter with extraterrestrial beings at Indian River in Florida. The details surrounding this encounter were not provided, but this event undoubtedly left a profound impact on Holden and further solidified his belief in the reality of extraterrestrial life. Encounters like these, outside the framework of his military service, added another layer of credibility and personal conviction to Holden’s claims about his UFO and ET experiences.

Tour to Peru and Observations of Nazca Planes, Hieroglyphics, and Ancient Skeletons

Holden also embarked on a tour to Peru, where he had the opportunity to witness some extraordinary ancient artifacts. During the tour, he saw the famous Nazca planes, intricate hieroglyphics, and ancient skeletons. These discoveries raised questions about his religious beliefs and the potential existence of ancient civilizations with advanced knowledge and technologies. Holden began to question his own understanding of the world and its history, contemplating how these findings fit into his worldview.

Questioning Religious Beliefs and Coexistence

The remarkable artifacts and discoveries in Peru had a profound impact on Holden’s religious beliefs and his perspective on coexistence. As he encountered evidence of sophisticated ancient civilizations, Holden began questioning the teachings and interpretations provided by traditional religious institutions. He started to reconsider how these ancient cultures may have interacted with extraterrestrial beings and how coexistence with such beings might influence our understanding of spirituality and religion. These experiences allowed Holden to expand his mindset and develop a more nuanced understanding of the potential relationships between humanity, extraterrestrial life, and spirituality.

Crashes and Radar Dome

Multiple Crashes in the Four Corners Region

Holden’s encounters were not limited to sightings and interactions with extraterrestrial beings; he also had experiences related to crashes in the four corners region. The specific details surrounding these crashes were not provided, but their occurrence suggests that there were significant incidents involving UFOs in that area. These crashes likely contributed to the overall understanding and discoveries related to UFOs, and their investigation and cover-ups may have played a role in shaping Holden’s perspectives.

Building a Radar Dome in New Mexico

One notable aspect of Holden’s military service was his involvement in the construction of a radar dome in the northwest corner of New Mexico. The purpose of this construction was to protect the southwest corridor and provide early warning in case of potential threats. This project also held implications for monitoring and tracking UFO activity in the region.

UFOs Thrown Out of Control by the Radar Dome

Interestingly, the radar dome’s operations had a significant impact on UFOs flying through its range. UFOs passing through the radar dome’s area were reportedly thrown out of control, suggesting that the radar had a disruptive effect on their flight patterns. The implications of this observation are intriguing, as it suggests that military radar technology had the potential to influence or disrupt UFO behavior. The military’s ability to interfere with UFO flight patterns may have been an area of interest for Holden and his colleagues, further deepening his involvement and understanding of UFO encounters.

Building the Radar Dome After the Pearl Harbor Attacks

The decision to construct the radar dome in New Mexico occurred after the Pearl Harbor attacks in the mid-1940s. The profound impact of the Pearl Harbor attacks likely led to heightened military efforts to increase surveillance and early warning systems. By constructing the radar dome, the military aimed to bolster their defenses and protect against potential threats, highlighting the significance they placed on UFO activity and the need for comprehensive monitoring.

No Exposure to Crash Scenes and Not Sharing Stories with Military Personnel

Holden mentioned that he had no exposure to actual crash scenes during his military service, indicating that he did not witness firsthand the aftermath of UFO crashes. Additionally, he did not share stories or discuss UFO incidents with other military personnel at the time. This emphasis on secrecy and compartmentalization within the military demonstrates the meticulous efforts taken to control information and prevent leaks regarding UFO encounters and related incidents.

Coming Forward and Speculations

Reason for Coming Forward about UFOs and ETs

Holden’s decision to come forward and share his experiences with UFOs and extraterrestrial encounters stemmed from his belief in the importance of disclosing the truth. For many years, he adhered to the non-disclosure agreement he signed but eventually determined that it was necessary for the world to know about the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Holden’s commitment to truth and transparency drove him to share his encounters and contribute to the conversation surrounding UFO phenomena.

Speculating on Being Taken Along to Test Public Reaction

Holden speculated on the possibility that he was taken along on his military missions to observe and assess public reactions to UFO and extraterrestrial phenomena. This speculation suggests that the military may have been interested in studying how ordinary individuals, such as Holden, responded to and interpreted encounters with advanced technologies and extraterrestrial beings. This notion highlights the intricate nature of the military’s involvement in UFO research and potentially sheds light on their motivations.

Inability to Answer Why Other Crewmen Haven’t Come Forward

One intriguing aspect that Holden addressed was the absence of other crewmen coming forward to share their experiences. While Holden is open about his encounters and has come forward to speak on the subject, he admitted that he cannot explain why his fellow crewmen have chosen to remain silent. This discrepancy raises questions about individual motivations, personal beliefs, and concerns surrounding disclosure. Holden’s experience as one of the few voices on this matter underscores the complexity and range of perspectives within the military community.

Tailgate Party Near Edwards Air Force Base in 1978

Holden recounted an incident that occurred in 1978 when he attended a tailgate party near Edwards Air Force Base in California. During the event, he witnessed a large rectangular craft moving slowly towards the base, accompanied by a girl screaming and pointing at it. This sighting suggests that UFO activity was not limited to Holden’s military service and that his encounters extended into his personal life. The incident also left Holden with a peculiar sunburn-like skin damage the next morning, which serves as tangible evidence of his encounter.

Skin Damage and President Eisenhower’s Meeting with Extraterrestrials

Holden’s skin damage following his encounter with the rectangular craft near Edwards Air Force Base raises intriguing questions. The incident draws parallels to President Eisenhower’s alleged meeting with extraterrestrials at the same air force base in the 1950s.

The correlation between Holden’s encounter, the sunburn-like skin damage, and President Eisenhower’s reported interaction implies a potential connection and adds support to Holden’s claims. This connection may have prompted Holden to further investigate and seek answers surrounding his experiences.

Laser Testing and Unusual Incidents Involving Cattle

Holden mentioned laser testing and unusual incidents involving cattle during his military service. The specific details and context of these incidents were not provided, but they suggest that there may have been experimentation with lasers and potential interactions with animals or livestock. The implications of such encounters remain uncertain, as more information is needed to fully understand the nature and significance of these incidents within the larger UFO and E.T. phenomena.

Further Sightings in 1991 and 1993

Holden continued to have sightings and encounters with unusual phenomena in the years following his military service. In 1991 and 1993, he witnessed orange orbs and a pulsing bright light that disappeared quickly. These sightings suggest that Holden’s experiences were not limited to his military service and were ongoing. The sightings likely reinforced his beliefs and provided additional evidence of the continued presence and activity of UFOs and extraterrestrial beings.

Conference Invitation and Potential Surveillance

In 1995, Holden received an invitation to a classified conference where he encountered pieces of a craft adorned with hieroglyphics. The purpose of his invitation to the conference remains unclear, but it suggests that someone was aware of his military experiences and sought his presence at the event. This invitation raises questions about surveillance and the potential monitoring of individuals with knowledge and involvement in UFO and extraterrestrial encounters. Holden indicates that surveillance may have started later, implying that it was potentially not a prevalent practice in 1995 due to limited use of computers and technological capabilities.

Visiting the Skunk Works Facility and Discovering Burnt Rocks

Holden recounted his experience visiting the Skunk Works Lockheed Skunk Works facility, where he discovered burnt rocks with high-temperature markings outside the facility. Additional details about the purpose or origin of these rocks were not provided. However, the presence of armed security officers in the area suggests that the facility held sensitive and potentially classified information. This encounter further solidifies the expansive scope of Holden’s experiences and his involvement in encounters related to UFO and extraterrestrial phenomena.

Speaking at UFO Conferences and Encountering Threats

Holden’s decision to speak at UFO conferences placed him in the public eye, exposing him to both supportive individuals and threats. His public speaking engagements allowed him to share his experiences and perspectives, contributing to the conversation on UFOs and extraterrestrial phenomena. However, his openness also exposed him to potential risks and threats from those who may not want such information disclosed. These threats exemplify the potential dangers faced by individuals who come forward with controversial or suppressed information.

Relationship with Presidents and Belief About President Kennedy’s Murder

One intriguing aspect of Holden’s experiences is his relationship with several presidents, including Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon. Holden stated his belief that President Kennedy was murdered by their own people for three specific reasons, contradicting the official explanation that Lee Harvey Oswald was solely responsible for the assassination. The idea that Kennedy’s murder was linked to his awareness of sensitive information and extraterrestrial phenomena adds another layer to Holden’s experiences and beliefs.

Friendship with Astronaut Colonel Gordon Cooper

Holden’s experiences extended beyond military service and political interactions, as he had a close friendship with astronaut Colonel Gordon Cooper. Cooper was known for his openness about the existence of UFOs and his belief in their extraterrestrial origins.

The friendship between Holden and Cooper likely provided Holden with additional insights and support in his exploration of UFO phenomena. The connection to someone with such prominence and credibility adds weight to Holden’s claims.

Speaking Engagements in England in 1997

Holden shared his experiences and knowledge at various speaking engagements in England in 1997. These engagements allowed him to reach a wider audience, contribute to the international dialogue on UFOs, and collaborate with individuals who were equally passionate about the subject. Holden’s willingness to share his knowledge and experiences on an international platform demonstrates his commitment to educating others and elevating the conversation around UFO phenomena and extraterrestrial encounters.

Observations About Gray Aliens and Research on Underground Bases

Holden’s extensive research and conversations with knowledgeable individuals, including engineers who have worked at Area 51, have given him insights into various aspects of UFO phenomena. His research has focused on topics such as underground bases and tunnel systems, as well as encounters with Gray aliens. These observations and discussions contribute to Holden’s understanding of the depth and complexity of UFO-related activities and further support his claims.


Bill Holden’s encounters with UFOs and extraterrestrial beings during his military service and beyond provide a fascinating glimpse into the world of unidentified aerial phenomena. His firsthand experiences, relationships with prominent figures, and exploration of secretive research facilities highlight the multifaceted nature of UFO encounters and the efforts taken to suppress and control information.

Holden’s decision to come forward and share his experiences demonstrates his commitment to transparency and the belief that the public deserves to know the truth about UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

Through his accounts, the conversation surrounding UFO phenomena is enriched, encouraging further exploration and understanding of this captivating and enigmatic subject.

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