Bad UFO Stories – Geraldo Rivera

Lame UFO Stories – Al Capones Vault All Over Again

Not all UFO stories are winners! Seems everyone wants to share a UFO story these days and there is a series that was on The Travel Channel, called “Famously Afraid”.

It has different celebrities sharing UFO or mostly ghost stories and is pretty lame from what I saw in a few episodes. Yet this Geraldo one really stood out as pretty lame and one that the only reason you might share it. is to get a episode and gig on The Travel Channel!

TRAVEL CHANNEL EPISODE  – Journalist Geraldo Rivera is terrorized by a UFO while sailing in the Bermuda Triangle: ; pop star Aubrey O’Day comes face to face with a ghostly mobster; actor Todd Bridges is tormented by spirits for more than 20 years.

These other two episodes were actually way better, especially the creepy Todd Bridges ghost story. Yet that was a good spirit and I for sure believed Todd Bridges and I dont even really believe in ghosts.  Yet this Geraldo one….

Journalist Geraldo Rivera is terrorized by a UFO while sailing in the Bermuda Triangle…..

Geraldo Rivera has been disappointing people for literally 40 plus years!  I remember him as a kid doing a story on Al Capones Vault in Chicago and how he was going to find this amazing treasure. He built it up big time and I just have this memory of him finding like a little trash can and playing it up like it might be some hidden treasure and it was nothing but a trash can!

I give him credit for staying around for so long and always showing up doing some special or news event, yet mostly Ive always thought he was pretty lame. That has now been solidified after watching him tell his UFO story on the travel channel show ”

HIS LAME UFO STORY- Bermuda Triangle

This has to be the weakest fucking UFO story ever told! I mean it basically is just him saying that he was sailing at night and he saw a bright light that he thought was the planet Venus (Many people mistake this for a UFO) and then all of a sudden (wait for it)….. the light moved away and was no longer just sitting there…… THATS IT!

No abduction…. No light sending him a message….. No seeing it again later in the day, or later at anytime ever.

NOPE just he saw a light that moved a few times and then just vanished.  He talks about how it wasnt a helicopter and there was no noise and there was no explanation for it and it turned him into a believer…  I say BULLSHIT.

I mean why even tell this lame ass story? I mean its super weak on every level and not all UFO stories are compelling but this one just is so dumb.

He then talks about how he decided to stop sailing and dropped anchor. Then went to sleep and told his wife in the morning and she said he was crazy and that was it.   THEN they dock later that day in Nassau and he looks at newspaper…. and nothing! No reports of a UFO or bright light or anything. Nor does anyone he talk with say they saw anything at all…..

Then I did some research to see if I could find any other UFO stories related to him.  The only thing I saw was some weird thing on Twitter where he tweeted something about seeing a UFO with Cheech from Cheech and Chong with some photo from the 1970s.  Yet seems more of a joke tweet and nothing about the bermuda triangle sighting.

Said He Saw UFO With Cheech Marin…….  So I guess you just forgot about this other gem of a story.

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