Something BIG Is Going to Happen in June 2021

BIG UFO News is Coming – Disclosure?

There is no doubt that something is cooking in the UFO world. I mean more than at anytime every maybe.

Everyone seems aware that the Pentagon has been slowly but surely admitting that YES the UFOs, those ones we lied about for years and acted like NOPE…. Its something else like swamp gas or no wait Venus.   I mean it seemed like LAW that the government was just going to play dumb and never say anything.

Yet its obviously changing with the release of all these navy videos, and then also them admitting that YES there was a UFO program that was running lately and we have always been investigating these things. Duh!

Lue Elizondo & the AATIP UFO Program

SO a key name here is Lue Elizondo , everyone knows this dude now. He was the head of this program, then he quit because they just werent letting him do anything.  Pretty much like J Allen Hynek with operation blue book.

SO since he quit, he has been talking and seems to be behind most big things that are going on.

Lue Elizondo is a former intelligence officer with the Department of Defense. He claims he was the director of AATIP, the Pentagon’s “UFO program”, from 2010-2017.

In this exclusive interview with Steven Greenstreet of “The Basement Office”, Elizondo reveals shocking truths about the UFOs the Navy and other military branches have encountered on almost “a daily basis”, why some “very senior” officials at the Pentagon tried to suppress UFO evidence, and the jaw-dropping things these UFOs can do.

This guy is awesome and seems like hes from a 1940s movie and is a real character and a great UFO reporter I must say. His series is top notch and all of the videos from this NEW YORK POST series of THE Basement are great. He touches on all of the key points and does a great job covering this UFO topic.

So in this video he is dropping some great nuggets and seems to be saying that there is more big news coming soon.

He also starts alluding to things like other dimensions, and that maybe the UFOs are there but we just cant see them.  No doubt something big is going on, and Im betting its way bigger than we think it is.

I dont think its as simple as there is this alien race from an Earth like planet and they found a shortcut to travel here. Doubtful.

No it seems more likely that its something else and Im guessing that the Pentagon and every government around the world has NO IDEA what it really is.

I mean if you really think about the last 10 years, it does seem like they are getting people ready for something.  No doubt the evidence overall points to something that is visiting us and doing so in huge crafts that can do things we cant come close to doing.

I mean there is a huge list of UFO cases and abductions over the past 50 plus years that is overwhelming and super compelling.

YET forget all that, the latest stuff with the videos of aircrafts doing things we cant do and with Navy Pilots saying they were eye witnesses to crafts doing amazing things.  That is all really a big deal, and unless they are going to come out and explain this with some logical reason, I mean what else is there to say?

Think of how amazing that would be if they just said fuck it, lets tell them! Then just said YEP its all real and the ETs and Aliens are basically here and living among us as Hybrids.

Like literally 2-3 months ago I would not believed that at all, but now I feel its probably the most likely situation. That the ETs have been here for years, and that they have been adducting people for decades and have created a Hybrid program.

Which means that half aliens half humans are living here right now, and YOU might be living with one.  Probably not, but who knows what is really going on.  The one interesting thing is that there is not much chatter about it, or anyone freaking out at all.  Who knows maybe that will change soon, really soon.

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