Betty and Barney Hill Rap Song by ET Eminem

Rap Song about the 1961 Alien Abduction of B and B Hill

The Betty and Barney Hill UFO case is one of the most famous reported alien abduction stories in history. It took place in the United States in 1961.

Betty and Barney Hill, a married couple from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, were returning home from a vacation in Canada. On the night of September 19, they were driving through the White Mountains of New Hampshire when they noticed a bright light in the sky that seemed to be following their car.

** now in 2023 the hybrid alien child of Betty, Barney and some OG gray alien from 1961 bring you the smash hit aout what happened back in the day…

Original Rap Song by BB Hybrid – “Close Encounter: The Hill Thrill”

“Yo, it’s 1961, a night so clear, Betty and Barney Hill driving, no fear. Spot a light in the sky, moving so strange, Life as they know it, about to change.
Barney’s at the wheel, Betty by his side, See a star in the sky on a crazy ride. Thought it was a satellite, or a plane in flight, But the way it moved, didn’t feel right.
(Chorus) Betty and Barney Hill, on a road so still, Caught in a story that gives you chills. Alien abduction, it’s so unreal, But that’s the deal with the UFO ordeal.
(Verse 2) Stop the car, grab the binoculars, take a look, What they see next, could write a book. Humanoid figures in a disc-shaped craft, This ain’t a dream, it’s a first-class draft.
Rush back to the car, hearts pounding, The sound of silence, so astounding. Then a series of beeps, a tingling sensation, Next thing they know, it’s a lost time situation.
(Chorus) Betty and Barney Hill, caught in a thrill, In a UFO story that’s fit to spill. Alien abduction, it’s a hard pill, But that’s the drill with the UFO skill.
(Bridge) Under hypnosis, they recall the scene, Examined by beings, so lean and mean. Can’t prove it happened, can’t say it’s a dream, But their story’s part of the UFO theme.
(Chorus) Betty and Barney Hill, story gives a chill, In the UFO files, it’s a top bill. Alien abduction, time standing still, That’s the thrill, that’s the drill, that’s the Betty and Barney Hill.
(Outro) So here’s the tale of Betty and Barney Hill, A UFO story that gives a chill. Whether you believe or think it’s a spill, Remember the night, remember the thrill.

— ET Barney Jr. – 2023 / RIP Great Great Grandma