Florida UFO Sightings – Clearwater Beach UFO – March 2021

Fast-moving red light and two stationary orbs, Clearwater Beach FL 20-Mar-2021


Strange UFO activity filmed in the sky above Florida three days ago.

Witness report: UFO sighting in Florida. Fast-moving red light and two stationary orbs. Saw these on March 20 at around 10 pm in Clearwater Beach. The two orbs are to the north in the video

Probably drones but who knows. Amazing how many actual UFO sightings there are literally every day somewhere! They cant all be UFOS and ETs, can they?!?!

Sure some people who have UFO sightings are 100% baked on killer Sour D weed but that wouldnt make them see stuff like that!   This alien below could not handle earth weed!

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