The Navy TOP Gun Pilot who Shot the Tic Tac Video – UFO Videos

Tic Tac Vide0 = One Compelling Piece of Modern UFO Evidence

UFOS are real. Zero doubt about it now. I mean the debunkers can talk all the shit they want about Travis Walton or Bob Lazar not being real and hoaxers (doubt anyone questions those two, they are UFO All Stars!). YET there is a lot of current day compelling UFO evidence, in fact some of the best stuff ever!  It also seems like more video evidence is coming soon and no doubt they are preparing us for disclosure.

I mean everyone now knows about the release of the TIC TAC Video and has seen Mr Top Gun himself David Fravor talk in massive detail on Joe Rogan and every other big show and podcast out there.   He has to be one of the most believable witnesses of all time AND also one of the few people who would have witnessed a real UFO.

The other guy who witnessed this tic tac UFO right after Fravor is Lt. Cmdr. Chad Underwood, who talks about it in the video below. This guy is a badass Navy Weapon Systems Officer with VFA-41 in the F/A-18 Super Hornet – with the legendary Black Aces.

🛸 Underwood’s testimony represents the first time in history a military “whizzo” filmed a UFO during active operations and the encounter footage has been confirmed directly by the United States Government – as being ACTUAL. 

Actual film footage of an Advanced Aerospace Vehicle of unknown origin – a real UFO.

Underwood’s account and footage also represents independent corroborating evidence to accompany the experience of Cmdr. David Fravor – the man who engaged a TIC TAC shaped UFO with his fighter jet for our military.

The unidentified craft they observed and engaged that day – was able to outpace & outmaneuver our nation’s most advanced war planes. It did in-fact “zoom off” to the left of Underwood’s wing – and it broke the lock on his ATFLIR targeting pod. Which is not an easy thing to do.

It had no typical aeronautics or aerospace propulsion signatures – no tail, no wings, no exhaust plumes – and it also was able to Offensively Jam our pilots radar & weapons systems.

** towards the end of this video, Capt  Underwood addresses possible UFO Debunkers or people who might question what he saw.

He makes it CLEAR that what he saw was in no way normal and it shouldnt even exist. He has hardly talked about it at all but its pretty obvious that what these guys saw in 2004 was probably not of this world or at least the craft was.  Which is different then what he said in the first interviews that came out after Navy admitted that YES these videos are real.  He seemed to not want to be associated with aliens.  Yet everything he says shows hes obviously blown away and knows something amazing happened.

I mean who knows if it was ALIEN 👽 or ET beings in that craft. YET there is no doubt that this is one BIG case and event.

Its funny though how not many people are that surprised here by this video or the fact that Navy Pilots saw something so crazy that they for sure think its not from this world.  I mean this is really compelling evidence!   They are not saying YES its aliens, but they also are not saying anything at all that would make me think its anything else.

Its not like a bunch of people said they saw some lights in the sky. NO in broad day light on a crystal clear day, two of the best Military Top Gun Navy Pilots we had at the time, BOTH were flying and witnessed with their own eyes a craft that not only didnt look normal at all, but was doing things that no other military or aircraft known to mankind can do. 

Maybe it was the Bob Lazar craft that he worked on in 1989 at S4 near Area 51.  You would think they would have gotten it working way better by now! Plus Lazar made comments that the Gimbel video and the tic tac both seemed to behave like the craft he witnessed and worked on.

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