Jackie Gleason talks UFOs in1958 – To The Moon Alice

Summary of the 1958 Jackie Gleason UFO Video – TO THE MOON ALICE!

In the year 1958, the world was captivated by the infamous Jackie Gleason, who boldly declared, “I think the biggest story in the world is flying saucers.” This statement alone was enough to send shockwaves throughout the entertainment industry and beyond.

*** Yet it didnt really mean jack shyte did it? I mean today in 2023 people are being told that hey straight up, aliens and ufos exist, and its way deeper. Interdimensional, Holographic theory and time travel to name 3. 

YET nobody really cares it seems. They believe it now, but the lack of enthusiasm is crazy to me! Im sure people will be like Ralph Krampten blowing a gasket over Norton doing something once the Aliens actually reveal whats going!

And it didn’t stop there – Gleason went on to discuss various international UFO cases with Frank Edwards on the Long John Nebel Show, leaving listeners both intrigued and bewildered. Rumors even circulated that Gleason had plans to collaborate with Edward Murrow on a groundbreaking documentary about these mysterious flying objects. With unyielding curiosity and an undeniable sense of humor, Gleason proved that the fascination with UFOs would continue to persist in the years to come.

As if Gleason’s words weren’t enough to fuel the intrigue, reports from different corners of the globe added to the enigma. For instance, in September of 1953, a peculiar incident occurred in Campana, Brazil, when a saucer appeared to be in distress and started shedding eight to nine ounces of pure tin over the residential area. 

The government swiftly reacted, collecting the scattered tin and sealing off the neighborhood until the situation was under control. And believe it or not, the Brazilian government actually admitted the existence of flying saucers, marking a rare acknowledgment in the realm of official statements.

With tales of sightings in Brazil, New Guinea, Italy, and even Great Falls, Montana, it became clear that the world was not ready to let go of the mystery surrounding these otherworldly objects.

I think the biggest story in the world is flying saucers Jackie Gleason talks UFOs, 1958

In the audio recording, Jackie Gleason discusses various UFO cases with Frank Edwards on the Long John Nebel Show on November 16, 1958. He also expresses his interest in creating a documentary about ‘flying saucers’ with Edward Murrow.

Background Information

In 1958, the iconic comedian and actor Jackie Gleason took to the airwaves on the Long John Nebel Show to discuss his fascination with UFOs. Gleason, known for his larger-than-life personality and quick wit, saw flying saucers as the biggest story in the world. He even expressed interest in collaborating with famous journalist Edward Murrow to make a UFO documentary.

The New Guinea Sightings

One of the most intriguing UFO sightings discussed by Gleason was the incident in New Guinea. Father William B. Gill witnessed a UFO with beings in Papua New Guinea in 1959. According to Gill’s detailed account, not only did he see the UFO, but the beings inside it waved back at him and his group. This extraordinary encounter left Father Gill and his flock in awe.

Flying Saucers in Brazil

Gleason also shared an incident that took place in Campana, Brazil. In September 1953, several ounces of pure tin fell from a UFO over the residential section of the town. The Brazilian government acknowledged the existence of these flying saucers, making them possibly the only government to do so. They even released motion pictures and color photographs taken by an official photographer for the Brazilian fleet. The evidence was compelling, giving credibility to the reports of UFO sightings in Brazil.

Reports from Italy

Italy was not exempt from UFO sightings, as Gleason discussed in his interview. Many reports of sightings emerged from the country, including a particularly notable story involving a priest who reported a flying saucer sighting to the Vatican. With numerous sightings and accounts coming from Italy, it became clear that the country was a hotspot for UFO activity.

I think the biggest story in the world is flying saucers Jackie Gleason talks UFOs, 1958

UFO Sightings in the United States

Gleason couldn’t resist sharing some humorous anecdotes about UFO sightings in his own country, the United States. From phony sightings in Atlantic City to reflections in Ohio, he highlighted some of the more ridiculous claims. However, there were also more credible sightings, such as the Great Falls UFO film and Delbert Newhouse’s footage from the desert. These incidents, captured on film, offered a closer look at the mysterious phenomenon.

Mysterious Phone Call

In a strange turn of events, Gleason relayed an encounter with an anonymous caller who warned him against further investigation into UFOs. The caller was reluctant to provide any information or cooperate with Gleason. This mysterious phone call only added to the intrigue surrounding UFO sightings and the potential cover-up.

I think the biggest story in the world is flying saucers Jackie Gleason talks UFOs, 1958

Washington UFO Sightings

Gleason revealed a shocking revelation about the events that transpired in Washington in July 1952. While most people are familiar with the sightings that occurred during that time, what many don’t know is that there were 68 UFOs spotted over Washington on August 13th of that year. The media coverage of this incident was limited, and censorship was tight. It wasn’t until two years later, when Gleason obtained a document from a friendly official, that the full extent of the incident was revealed.

UFO 420

In a lighter moment, Gleason introduced UFO 420, a blog dedicated to reporting the latest UFO cases. The blog claimed to have insider information and even suggested the presence of aliens. While it was undoubtedly a tongue-in-cheek reference, it highlighted the ongoing fascination and speculation surrounding UFOs. Hey thanks Jackie for the shoutout, holographic style!!

I think the biggest story in the world is flying saucers Jackie Gleason talks UFOs, 1958


In conclusion, Gleason’s discussion of various UFO sightings shed light on the global fascination with flying saucers. From the New Guinea and Brazil sightings to those in Italy and the United States, it became evident that UFO sightings were not isolated incidents. The implications of these reported sightings left room for further investigation, and the potential for uncovering the truth behind these mysterious objects in the sky was ever-present. So, the next time you look up at the stars, remember, you never know what might be out there.

I always knew that Jackie Gleason was one cool cat, from crazy Ralph on the honeymooners, to the crazy sheriff in Smokey and the Bandit. This guys cool meter just went up again after seeing how dead on he was with all this UFO stuff.

I mean he would be at  the top of the list of the A list celebrities who had the BALLS to come out and talk about what is an obvious topic. Jackie Gleason was straight up A list AWESOME!