Shocking interview with a Brazilian Air Force Captain on the hostile UFO encounters in Colares, 1977

Get ready for a mind-blowing interview with a Brazilian Air Force Captain who spills all the details about the shocking UFO encounters in Colares back in 1977. Picture this: residents in Colares reporting sightings of flying saucers that not only flew at low altitudes, but also fired light beams at people on the ground. And get this, the witnesses claimed to have seen beings only three to four feet tall piloting these crafts! But it doesn’t stop there – the intense beams of radiation caused injuries, like puncture marks and lesions, and some people even felt like a “heavy weight pushed against their chest.” The Brazilian Air Force launched a full-on investigation called “Operation Saucer” to uncover the truth, compiling a massive military report with 500 photographs and 16 hours of film, that never explicitly named UFOs or aliens as the cause. Conspiracy theories flew around like saucers themselves, with some believing the area was actually a secret test site for military craft. But one thing’s for sure, no definitive answers were found, and the case remains a tantalizing mystery.

Hold on tight, because the rabbit hole goes even deeper. This captivating case of the Colares UFO encounters doesn’t just leave us with unanswered questions, it continues to throw curveballs. Witness descriptions of dematerializing walls and roofs? Check. Strange physical effects on the investigating team, like loss of visual acuity? Yup. Witnessing a UFO chase a boy along a river? Absolutely. And it doesn’t stop there, my friend. Leaked incidents, terrified newspaper teams, and even a football-shaped object with windows! Unexplained phenomena with doors opening on their own, red spots mysteriously appearing on skin, and even personal encounters with unidentified beings. The scope of this mind-boggling investigation is enough to make even Mulder and Scully’s heads spin. So, buckle up because this article dives deep into the enigma of the Colares UFO encounters and leaves us begging for more answers.

Operation Plate

Investigation Initiated

Operation Plate was launched in response to numerous reports of sightings and disturbances in the Colares region of Brazil. The operation was organized with the protagonist as the leader and a team of agents. The objective of the operation was to observe, photograph, and gather evidence of the flying saucers reported by witnesses.

Objective of the Operation

The main objective of Operation Plate was to gather as much evidence as possible to understand the phenomenon of the reported flying saucers in the Colares region. The team aimed to document the physical effects witnessed by individuals, interview witnesses, and collect information on sightings.

Physical Effects on Witnesses

Witnesses reported various physical effects after encounters with the flying saucers. These effects included burns, puncture marks, lesions, and even blood being sucked from their bodies. The intensity of the beams of radiation emitted by the saucers caused these injuries. Witnesses described the experience as feeling like a heavy weight pushing against their chests.

Involvement of Doctors

Doctors were involved in analyzing the physical effects on individuals who had encountered the flying saucers. Dr. Wellaide Cecim Carvalho, who worked in a healthcare unit in the area during the 1970s, described the injuries as radiation injuries. The affected area of the skin would turn black, hair would fall out, and small puncture marks would be visible.

Protagonist’s Change of Belief

Initially, the protagonist, who was put in charge of the case, doubted the existence of the phenomena. However, after two months of investigation and witnessing the physical effects on witnesses, the protagonist became convinced of the validity of the sightings. The continuous testimonials from people affected by the phenomenon further solidified the protagonist’s change of belief.

Interviewing Witnesses

Operation Plate involved interviewing witnesses to gather information on their sightings and experiences. Witness descriptions included dematerialization of walls and roofs, further heightening the mystery surrounding the flying saucers. The team meticulously documented these testimonies to build a comprehensive understanding of the phenomenon.

Physical Effects and Sightings

Witness Descriptions

Witnesses reported various details about their encounters with the flying saucers. These descriptions included the dematerialization of walls and roofs, indicating that these saucers had the ability to manipulate their surroundings. Witness descriptions provided valuable insights into the nature of the phenomenon.

Lack of Radar Monitoring

One notable aspect of the operation was the lack of radar monitoring in the region. This made it challenging to track the movements of the flying saucers accurately. The absence of radar monitoring added an extra layer of mystery and complexity to the investigation.

Medical Examination of Affected Individuals

State and county authorities were informed about the physical effects witnessed by individuals who encountered the flying saucers. In response, doctors were sent to examine the affected individuals. This involvement of medical professionals added a scientific perspective to the investigation.

Possible Involvement of Federal Authorities

While state and county authorities were involved in the investigation, the protagonist was unaware of any involvement by federal authorities. However, it is speculated that federal authorities may have been informed about the operation due to the sensitive nature of the phenomenon.

Shocking interview with a Brazilian Air Force Captain on the hostile UFO encounters in Colares, 1977

Bahia do Sol Investigation

Initial Lack of Belief in UFOs

The investigation in Bahia do Sol began with the captain leading the investigation expressing skepticism about UFOs. However, the strange occurrences in the area warranted an investigation, and the captain had to put his initial disbelief aside.

Photographs with Special Filters

Photographs taken in Bahia do Sol initially did not capture any shapes of the UFOs. However, after using special filters, lights and shapes became visible in the photographs. This discovery added credibility to the sightings and provided the investigation team with valuable evidence.

Common Shape of UFOs

The most commonly reported shape of the UFOs observed in Bahia do Sol was described as a probe similar to a 200-liter oil drum. This recurring shape indicated a pattern in the sightings and suggested a consistent presence of these objects in the area.

Awareness of the Investigation Team

Interestingly, it seemed like the UFOs observed in Bahia do Sol were aware of the investigation team’s movements. This awareness raised questions about the nature of the UFOs and their possible intentions.

SNI Guys Join the Operation

Curiosity-driven Operation

The participation of the SNI (Brazilian Intelligence Agency) guys in the operation was driven by curiosity rather than an official SNI operation. The team’s curiosity was piqued by the reports and sightings, leading to their request to join the operation.

Missed Initial Sightings

The SNI guys arrived late and missed the initial sightings observed by the rest of the team. This added a sense of irony to their involvement and highlighted the unpredictable nature of the phenomenon.

Encounter with a Dark Disk

During their participation in the operation, the SNI guys had a firsthand encounter with a dark disk-shaped object hovering above them. This close encounter, along with the disk emitting a strong yellow light, left the SNI guys scared and further added to the intrigue of the investigation.

Report and Confidentiality

Following the encounter with the dark disk, a report was made about the incident. The strict confidentiality surrounding the report and the storage of any related material reflected the seriousness with which the investigation team approached the operation.

Shocking interview with a Brazilian Air Force Captain on the hostile UFO encounters in Colares, 1977

Air Force’s Response

Mocking Reports

The Air Force did not believe the reports and made fun of them. This response was surprising considering the extensive documentation and evidence gathered during Operation Plate. The dismissive attitude of the Air Force further added to the mystery surrounding the phenomenon.

SIOANI – UFO Research System

It was revealed that the Air Force had a UFO research system called SIOANI (Sistema de Investigação de Objetos Aéreos Não Identificados). This system was established in 1969 and showcased the Air Force’s interest in studying unidentified aerial objects. The existence of SIOANI highlighted a broader interest in UFO research within the military.

Lack of Knowledge on US Military Involvement

Despite the Air Force’s own UFO research system, there was no mention of knowledge or involvement of the US military in Operation Plate. The absence of information on US military involvement added to the intrigue and raised questions about potential international collaboration in the investigation.

Various Types of Objects

Nine Documented Craft Shapes

Throughout Operation Plate, the team documented and photographed nine different shapes of crafts observed during UFO sightings. The variety in shapes suggested that multiple types of objects were involved in the phenomenon, further deepening the mystery.

Recording Incidents

Cameras, camcorders, and recorders were used to record the incidents observed during Operation Plate. The team aimed to capture as much visual and audio evidence as possible to support their findings and understanding of the phenomenon.

Minimal Expectation of Danger

During Operation Plate, the team did not carry weapons and did not expect any danger to arise from their encounters with the UFOs. This minimal expectation of danger highlighted the focus on observation and evidence collection rather than confrontation.

Shocking interview with a Brazilian Air Force Captain on the hostile UFO encounters in Colares, 1977

Abduction Fear Incident

Victor’s Investigation Case

The narrator, Victor, shared an investigation case involving a boy who witnessed a UFO while collecting clay. This case was significant as it was one of the incidents that made the team fear a potential abduction.

Witnessed UFO Chases Boy

According to the boy’s testimony, the UFO began chasing him along the river after he ran away from it. This incident added a chilling element to the investigation, suggesting a possible hostile intent behind the UFO phenomenon.

UFO’s Interaction with a Boat

The same UFO that chased the boy later approached a boat with two people on board. It examined the boat before leaving. This interaction further highlighted the potentially hostile nature of the UFOs observed during Operation Plate.

Sightings Experienced by the Team

The investigation team, including the narrator, also experienced strange sightings during their visits to various locations. Witnessing a bright light crossing the river and capturing it on film added to the body of evidence collected and heightened the team’s curiosity.

Pottery Factory Incident

Witnesses Alerted by a Bright Yellow Light

Witnesses at a pottery factory in the region were alerted by a bright yellow light approaching their location. This incident caught the attention of the investigation team and added an additional layer of mystery to the overall phenomenon.

Appearance of Translucent Object

The witnesses at the pottery factory reported seeing a large, football-shaped translucent object with windows. This appearance further added to the variety of shapes and objects documented during Operation Plate.

Camcorder Recording Interrupted

While the witnesses managed to turn on a camcorder to record the incident, the strange noise emitted by the object prompted them to stop the recording. This interruption added frustration to the witnesses’ attempt to document the phenomenon.

Belief of Blood or Tissue Collection

The witnesses speculated that the objects observed, including the one at the pottery factory, may have been collecting blood or tissue samples for defense against human diseases. This belief raised intriguing possibilities about the intentions and motivations behind the UFO phenomenon.

Shocking interview with a Brazilian Air Force Captain on the hostile UFO encounters in Colares, 1977

Impact on Witnesses and Project Deactivation

Local Population’s Belief

The local population believed that they were being attacked by extraterrestrial beings and armed themselves in response. This belief added to the fear and panic surrounding the phenomenon in the Colares region.

Cessation of Project

Despite the impact on witnesses and the continued collection of testimonials, the Air Force deactivated Operation Plate soon after. The sudden deactivation raised questions about the reasons behind this decision and left the investigation unfinished.

Personal Impact on Witnesses

The encounters and experiences during Operation Plate had a significant impact on the witnesses involved. The witnesses’ beliefs were challenged, their safety was compromised, and the overall experience left them questioning the nature of the phenomenon and its potential implications.


Narrator’s Car Phenomena

The narrator shared personal experiences of witnessing strange phenomena involving their car, including doors opening by themselves. These experiences emphasized the ongoing mystery and unexplained nature of the UFO phenomenon.

Government Possession of Documents and Photos

The narrator mentioned that the Ministry of Aeronautics had possession of films and photographs related to UFO activity during Operation Plate. This acknowledgment highlighted the government’s involvement and the potential depth of understanding they possess regarding the phenomenon.

Call for UFO Information Disclosure

The narrator expressed a strong belief in the need for the government to disclose information about UFOs and ETs to the public. This call for transparency reflected the narrator’s conviction in the importance of research and open dialogue surrounding the UFO phenomenon.

Predictions and Campaign for UFO Transparency

The narrator predicted that within a relatively short period, there would be clear and open contact with extraterrestrial beings. This prediction, coupled with the widespread release of documents and photos by the Brazilian Commission of Ufologists, paved the way for a campaign advocating for UFO transparency.

Shocking interview with a Brazilian Air Force Captain on the hostile UFO encounters in Colares, 1977

In this interview with Uyrangê Bolivar Soares Nogueira de Hollanda Lima, he discusses the terrifying incidents that occurred in 1977 in the Brazilian city of Colares, where residents claimed to have witnessed not only flying saucers, but also being attacked by them.

According to the accounts, bright objects in various shapes, sizes, and colors flew at low altitudes, just a few meters above treetops, and emitted beams of light that targeted people on the ground. Witnesses reported seeing beings piloting these crafts, described as being three to four feet tall.

What makes these sightings different from typical UFO encounters is the recurring injuries that people suffered. The light beams emitted intense radiation, resulting in puncture marks, lesions, and a sensation of pressure on the chest. Witnesses also experienced difficulties speaking and had their eyes open during the attacks.

Dr. Wellaide Cecim Carvalho, who worked in a healthcare unit in the area during the 1970s, described the injuries as radiation-like, with the affected skin turning black and the hair falling out. Puncture marks were also observed. The victims included men and women of various ages, without any discernible pattern.

These saucers were given the nickname ‘chupa-chupa,’ meaning ‘sucker-sucker.’ As more sightings and injuries were reported, panic spread, leading women and children to leave the area while men stayed behind to protect their homes and belongings.

To uncover the truth behind these attacks, the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) launched Operation Saucer and compiled a 2,000-page military report with supporting evidence, including photographs and film footage. Some military personnel involved in the investigation allegedly suffered nervous breakdowns or went insane.

The documents remained classified until 2004, when some pages were released, revealing drawings and photographs depicting what the military personnel witnessed. The images included bright, cylindrical lights and objects similar to those seen by witnesses on the island.

Despite the evidence, the operation didn’t explicitly state that UFOs or aliens were the cause of the sightings and injuries. However, high-ranking FAB officials allegedly admitted to secretly studying the existence of UFOs since the 1950s.

If the alien theory is dismissed, some believe that the area was being used as a test site for top secret military craft – a hypothesis commonly used to explain the secrecy surrounding Area 51.

Nevertheless, there are other strange occurrences that contribute to the ongoing mystery of this case. Dr. Carvalho, who treated the islanders for their injuries, later admitted that she was instructed by the Air Force to lie to them and say the injuries were mere hallucinations. She firmly believes that mass hysteria or visual hallucinations did not occur simultaneously and in different places.

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Shocking interview with a Brazilian Air Force Captain on the hostile UFO encounters in Colares, 1977