John Lennon Saw a UFO back in 1974

John Lennon 1974 UFO Sighting Interview

Plenty of celebrities have had UFO sightings over the years, but this is one of your bigger stars of all time.  He does seem to have seen something that wasnt making any noise and for sure seems like a typical UFO.


“Over here, up there, I saw a UFO, and it went down the river, turn right at the United Nations, turn left and then down the river. It wasn’t a helicopter, it wasn’t a balloon, and it was so near, and you look what sort of rock on, white and silent, silent, and it looked dark, like black or gray in the middle, and had white lights, just look like light bulbs just going off, on, off, on, off, on, blink, blink, blink, blink round the bottom.

It was summer in New York, and I had the window open, and low and behold, this thing just hovering sort of 100 yards away. But I saw it so close, it wasn’t in the sky or anything, and it was like I could have hit it with a brick if I throw a stone at it. I couldn’t see the colors because it was dusk. It was a good, clear summer night, the sky was very clear. And around the bottom of it, which is ordinary looking electric light bulb blinking off and on, alternatively, like on an oil board or something, and on the top of it was a red light.

And the thing I noticed was that there was no noise, and I could hear that freeway down below, all the cars going, so I realized, oh, it’s not a helicopter, then it must be a balloon.

It was so close to the rooftop that it couldn’t be a balloon. So all the rational things I went through, not a helicopter, balloon, not a balloon. It’s too close to the roof and it’s maneuvering too well to be a balloon. So I just watched it and I was there for about five or ten minutes and went off down the East River and there it was.

And that’s all I’ve got to say”. ~ John Lennon

*** Seems light a pretty solid sighting and like something that should have for sure been BIG NEWS! I mean its one thing if there’s just a comment in a magazine,  but such a big star talking about it seems worth of more attention! NOPE as Jordan Peele might say.

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