New UFO / USO Video from Navy (May 2021)

UFO VIDEOS – USS Omaha Shows Mystery Object Going into Ocean


Newly released video taken on board the USS Omaha, a littoral combat ship, shows what has been described as a transmedium vehicle (that is, a vehicle capable of traveling through both air and water) moving, hovering, and disappearing into the Pacific Ocean.

The new video has been published by investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell. The video is from the same incident Mystery Wire documented in April. Previously, two freeze frame images from the video were made public. A Pentagon spokesperson confirmed last month that one of the freeze-frame images was recorded by US Navy personnel.

During July 2019, several U.S. warships based in San Diego were repeatedly buzzed by unknown aerial intruders. Stories of strange encounters bubbled to the surface last summer, initially focused on the USS Kidd, a Navy destroyer.

In March, more documentation surfaced in the form of ships logs, which confirmed that unidentified objects were seen by crews aboard multiple warships in restricted waters off the coast of southern California. One of those ships was the USS Omaha.

The objects were described as “drones”, also as “UAVs,” generic terms for what are otherwise considered unidentified objects.

This new video and the earlier images were part of a series of bizarre encounters reported by the U.S. Navy during the past two years.

On March 2019 a U.S. Navy F/A-18 jet encounter of three stationary drones of unknown origin, reported earlier by Mystery Wire, off the coast of Virginia above the Atlantic Ocean.

**Well I knew it was not just UFOs but USOs (unidentified SUBMERGED Objects).

More and more evidence is showing that these things that are flying and doing crazy things we can’t do like going into the water and going up to 15,000 MPH.

That just would make sense if it was indeed some other race here visiting.  Why not go into the ocean and hide or travel to other locations.  They say that 90% of the ocean has not been explored, that is a lot of space to hide out in.

Obviously, someone is flying and going into the ocean.    Is it us?

Well no because why would the Pentagon and Navy admit to filming these things and not knowing what they are? They would just keep lying and acting like they have no idea what everyone is talking about!

YET they do know, as WE all knew they did!

I mean its possible its another country, but that might be scarier than if its Aliens.  I mean we are talking about SUPER high tech stuff here that makes no sense and is not possible. The speed, the angles, the  lack of wings or propulsion systems and the list goes on.

Remember we have at least 4 Navy Pilots from 2004 that said they saw this thing for 5 minutes and that it was able to just mimic every move the Navy pilots made, before finally just shooting off at a speed so fast, that it just vanished.    Then it reappeared on the radar a short time later like 60 miles away, that’s when the next Navy pilot was able to go out and get the photos we have all seen.

Is it Aliens? I would say from everything Ive seen, YEA probably. I mean there is so much evidence that something has been visiting us for years, and now all of a sudden the government finally is acting like yea we also are wondering whats up and here’s some new amazing evidence that shows it’s probably something from another planet.

The Gambling odds should tell you something. They are only +1400 that YES we will make contact with Aliens before the end of the year…. Thats fucking crazy! I mean I would say the odds in the past were more like +10000 or more, meaning a super super super longshot where if you bet $1 you would get over a $1000.  I mean plus 1400 odds is 14-1, this means that if you bet $100 and it’s proven true, that you would get a measly $1400! I mean you should get like a million to one odds, 14-1 seems awfully low.   I mean the Bears are like 35-1 to win the super bowl this year!

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