UFO Report leaked…. The Pentagon admits UFOs are REAL. Aliens as well?

WE all Knew This was True 🛸 UFOs are REAL!

OK, they didn’t say Aliens are real or that we have evidence of them, BUT they have come closer to saying it and said they couldn’t rule it out.  Im officially ruling it in! 🛸

I honestly can’t believe that they have said anything! That’s the weird part most people would say. Like why now?

It could be BIG. I mean what if Aliens are here already?? That is no joke. I mean if you do the research, especially with the Alien Abductions. Who knows. I mean it very well could be the same old thing here come late June, just a lot of questions still.

The official UFO report is not due until June 25th, but there has been a leak and story in the NY Times that sums the report up.


Although the task force’s unclassified assessment is not expected until June 25, the New York Times provided a cursory preview of its contents in an article on June 3.

Citing anonymous senior officials familiar with the report’s contents, the story said that the assessment has come up short of explaining what UAPs are and that it provides no evidence to link them with any putative alien visitation—despite reviewing more than 120 incidents from the past 20 years. (how about the other 1000 plus?!)

The report’s firmest conclusion, it seems, is that the vast majority of UAP happenings and their surprising maneuvers are not caused by any U.S. advanced technology programs. (That leaves 2, maybe 3 other options…)

Lastly, according to the New York Times article, the final report includes a “classified annex” of information deemed unsuitable for public release—leaving more than enough room for die-hard UFO advocates to remain convinced that the U.S. government is hiding the truth.

WELL NO SHIT! 😁 Did anyone really expect them to say Yes Aliens are real and coming soon! 👽

🛸 Check video out on a Body Language expert that analyzes presidents and others body language when talking about UFOs, err UAPs.


For more than a decade, the U.S. Department of Defense has been quietly cataloging and investigating scores of bizarre encounters—most from the U.S. Navy—of ships and fighter jets tangling with, or being tailgated by, unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

Beginning in 2017, videos and eyewitness accounts of these weird sightings found their way into public view, ultimately spurring Congress to demand that the Pentagon produce a report summarizing all that the U.S. government knows about so-called unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs (an alternate term with considerably less stigma than the much maligned “UFOs”).

The key takeaway from new report is basically the report is saying that UFOs are real and that they are not the United States secret technology.


I mean what else could these amazing things be and the only other option seems to be Russia or China.

Which would probably be worse if they had stuff like that, because then you might even think are the Aliens helping the Russians?

I mean how would they be going 13,000 miles per hour? Defying gravity and all these other things? They are not. No doubt we all know its most likely aliens!

Maybe it’s not Aliens 👽 like we think and maybe it’s something else even crazier.  Like another dimension or my personal favorite, time travelers from the future.

I would not doubt either of these. That’s the crazy thing, it seems now everyone seems ok with any of these scenarios playing out.  We will see, Aliens might be mean AF and want Earth.

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