UFO expert (?) Debunks Navy footage of pyramid-shaped objects

UFO Pyramid Case Debunked ?

Was this even a case? Most of the things are really solid lately, so you dont hear much from UFO debunkers and skeptics. Yet this latest bunch of photos seems to have riled a lot of folks up.

A renowned UFO investigator claims to have debunked the US Navy footage of pyramid-shaped objects flying off the coast of California — saying it “in every way matches a plane.”

Mick West, the author of “Escaping the Rabbit Hole,” said there are plausible explanations for the three flashing UFOs seen hovering over the USS Russell in July 2019.

“What we’ve got to go with here is the simplest explanation and really the simplest explanation is that it’s just a plane. It moves like a plane, it acts like a plane,” West told The Post.

He said the flashing lights seen coming from the object are similar to FAA-compliant lights on all normal airplanes.

“If you look at the video, you see it’s kind of flashing and it’s not flashing at a regular rate,” West said.

“It’s kind of like irregular, but it really reminds me of the flashing lights of a plane, and I looked into that and I found there are actually some planes that have a sequence of lights that like that there’s a long sequence overlaid a short sequence.”

You can read the rest of Mr Skeptics story here at the Ny Post 

— Who knows if these are actual UFOs and Ive heard a lot of chatter from the UFO experts about these NOT being UFOs. SO I say WHO CARES.

I mean its just one of many pieces of evidence and its possible there is a legit explanation for this that does not involved ETs.  I mean maybe the USA has created this amazing technology with no help from aliens and they are now playing it off, acting like “yea what is that crazy thing, we wouldnt know…”.

YET Mr Corbell seems to have other thoughts on this….

“This is explosive information,” Corbell told Fox News. “This is probably the best UFO military-filmed footage certainly that I’ve ever seen, but I think also that the world has ever seen.”

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