UFO Stories from 1973 – Mississippi Abduction

Step back in time to the year 1973, a pivotal era filled with mystery and wonder. Amidst the backdrop of a nation recovering from the moon landing and a presidency under Richard Nixon, an extraordinary event unfolded in the quiet town of Pascagoula, Mississippi. Two residents, Charlie Hickson and Calvin Parker, reported a harrowing encounter with extraterrestrials that would captivate the entire nation.

The alleged 1973 Mississippi alien abduction remains an untold story, shrouded in intrigue and skepticism. Join us as we dive deep into the accounts, witness testimonies, and the aftermath of this shocking incident that thrust Pascagoula into the national spotlight overnight.


In 1973, incidents involving unidentified flying objects (UFOs) became a frequent topic of discussion and speculation. These sightings raised questions and sparked curiosity among people worldwide. One particular encounter took place in Pascagoula, Mississippi, forever changing the lives of two individuals – Charlie Hickson and Calvin Parker.

The Abduction

Described as a life-altering event, the encounter that Charlie Hickson and Calvin Parker experienced was nothing short of extraordinary. On the night of October 11, 1973, while fishing near Pascagoula River, the friends found themselves in the presence of a mysterious spacecraft. Terrified, they watched as three beings with humanoid figures floated towards them. Unable to move or resist, they were subjected to an examination of the utmost strangeness. This bizarre encounter lasted just a few minutes, but its impact would shape the rest of their lives.

Initially, their story was met with skepticism by local authorities and the public. Such claims of extraterrestrial encounters were often dismissed as mere fantasies or hoaxes. However, Charlie and Calvin’s consistent and unwavering accounts of the event, as well as their genuine fear during interviews, began to sway even the most skeptical minds.

During a subsequent interview, the investigators decided to record Charlie and Calvin’s conversation secretly. This recording would serve as valuable evidence and a testament to the authenticity of their encounter. The audio captured their genuine fear, confusion, and disbelief, leaving no doubt as to the sincerity of their claims. The conversation not only provided validation for their account but also became an integral part of the media frenzy that would ensue.

UFO Stories from 1973 - Mississippi Abduction

Media Frenzy

News of Charlie and Calvin’s encounter spread like wildfire, capturing the attention of the nation overnight. The story of the Pascagoula Abduction piqued the curiosity of millions, leading to an insatiable demand for interviews. The media clamored to hear from the two witnesses and reporters inundated them with requests.

Both Charlie and Calvin faced an unexpected and overwhelming spotlight. On one hand, Charlie embraced the publicity and continued to share his experiences openly. He took part in numerous conferences, interviews, and television appearances, becoming a prominent figure in the UFO community. His willingness to engage with the public and discuss the extraordinary event became his way of coping with the aftermath of the abduction.

Calvin, on the other hand, took a different approach. Overwhelmed by the attention and struggling to process the traumatic experience, he retreated from the public eye. For 45 long years, Calvin remained hidden, avoiding the limelight and focusing on finding solace in isolation. However, fate had other plans for Calvin’s retreat.

In 2018, Calvin Parker emerged from his self-imposed seclusion and finally decided to share his side of the story. In a surprising turn of events, he chose to break his silence in an interview at a high school football field in Mississippi. This unexpected and poignant return to the spotlight allowed Calvin to shed light on his experience and provide closure for himself and those who followed their story over the years.

Possible Contamination

In the aftermath of their encounter, Charlie and Calvin were plagued by lingering fears of contamination. Believing they may have been exposed to harmful substances or radiation, they resorted to drastic measures to cleanse their bodies. Reports suggest that they even washed themselves with bleach in an attempt to eliminate any potential hazards.

Despite taking these extreme measures, both Charlie and Calvin experienced curious physical changes after the abduction. Mysterious marks and rashes appeared on their bodies, further fueling speculation about possible contamination during the encounter. These unexplained physical manifestations became a subject of fascination and continued speculation within the UFO community and the general public.

Impact on Lives

The Pascagoula Abduction brought instant fame to Charlie and Calvin, but it also came with profound consequences. While some individuals may yearn for fame and recognition, Charlie and Calvin found themselves thrust into a world they never anticipated. Suddenly, they became targets of skepticism, scrutiny, and invasion of privacy.

Both men expressed a deep desire for a return to normalcy. The constant attention and need to retell their story took its toll on their mental well-being and personal lives. Adjusting to the newfound fame came with unexpected struggles. Charlie, in particular, experienced significant changes in his life, both positive and negative. While the abduction opened doors for him within the UFO community, it also strained personal relationships and brought financial hardships.

The impact of the Pascagoula Abduction extended far beyond Charlie and Calvin’s lives. Their encounter influenced the perspectives of countless individuals on the possibility of extraterrestrial life and the mysteries of the universe. The story of the Pascagoula Abduction continues to captivate and divide opinions, leaving an indelible mark on the field of UFO research.

In conclusion, the Pascagoula Abduction remains one of the most intriguing and controversial extraterrestrial encounters ever reported. The comprehensive account of Charlie and Calvin’s experience, their subsequent media frenzy, and the lasting impact on their lives make this an enduring tale.

Whether one believes in their abduction or not, the story serves as a catalyst for exploring the unknown and ignites a sense of wonder about the mysteries that lie beyond our earthly existence.

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*** NO doubt that is one the most believable and craziest alien abduction stories of ALL TIME. Its very unique with how it happened, how they both had a conscious memory of it happening and what the aliens looked like.  Also this month of October 1973 turns out to maybe be the #1 month of all time of UFO cases. I mean its crazy how much ufo activity was going on around the world.

I just saw today on Richard Dolans podcast, a nice gentleman from South Korea who runs a UFO channel and group in that part of the world. Turns out the same shit is going on, big surprise~! Just another piece of evidence, so like what is it about 2100 pieces now? Its out of control obvious, and anyone who thinks that aliens and UFOs arent real, well they maybe better do a little more research. Its pretty obvious, yet I wouldn’t doubt if 100 laters in 2123, someone is writing the same info about how we are so close to disclosure!