Pascagoula UFO Alien Abduction Incident – 1973 Calvin Parker

Alien Abduction Cases – 1973 Calvin Parker

This post isn’t as much about the entire story, which you can read here at Wikipedia, but more about new evidence Ive uncovered or learned lately.

This is starting with this newspaper clip below a few days after that talks about a report from a local radar being jammed by someone who saw a craft, then it stopped midair, then his radar froze. He said he had never seen anything like it since WW II. Weird…. and why has this never been talked about before?

Then also by the way, TWO top scientists including the legendary Dr J Allen Hynek both were convinced they both were telling the truth and that they were on a craft and abducted by Aliens.

I am going to cover all the TOP Ufo cases and this one is a very interesting one with Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson.   I always thought this was one of the stronger cases for a # of reasons

#1- They both just seemed like some good old boys from the south who were being honest

#2- The fact that this all happened in the same day and there is no hypnosis and memory regression scenario going on. They did that later, but the event and them going right to the police all happened on the same day, October 11, 1973.

#3- The cops totally believed them because they saw how they were acting, and then they also put a recording device and let the two talk, and we all have since heard that audiotape and zero doubt those boys got abducted big time!

THEN there are a few other reasons this is a strong case, but this newspaper article seems to bolster it even more for three main reasons.

#1- The radar being jammed like that and everything reported on that same 10/11/73 date

#2- Frigging Dr. J Allen Hynek and another scientist both are 100% convinced these guys got taken on an actual craft. Not maybe, but for sure.  This after spending 4 hours and doing hypnosis on them both.

#3- There are other reports of UFOs and Lights being seen flying in the area by a number of other people on that date in that exact location.

So yea this is a pretty strong case and it has for sure held up over the years, with the younger Calvin Parker now talking about it, and alluding to his other encounters. Believe me, he had other encounters. If you are a 1 time UFO abductee, you for sure are now a lifetime member it seems. 

In this 1973 file photograph, Charles Hickson of Pascagoula, Miss., stands on the west bank of the Pascagoula River, close to the site where he claims he and Calvin Parker Jr. were abducted by aliens. (AP Photo/Mississippi Press, File)


“A Marion County civil defense official reported an Unidentified Flying Object knocked out his radar Sunday night, shortly after two scientists said they were still convinced two men were taken aboard a UFO along the Gulf Coast near Pascagoula.”

“Two area men who told that they were taken aboard a UFO here Thursday night were put under hypnosis Saturday by two scientists who have spent years studying reports of UFOs. Both doctors said the men were telling the truth, that they were indeed taken aboard “an extraterrestrial craft.”

Drs. James Harder of the University of California and Allen Hynek, chairman at Northwestern University, said they were convinced Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker encountered a non-terrestrial craft last week.

Dr. James Harder, professor at the University of California and also associated with the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) and Dr. J. Allen Hynek, professor of astronomy at Northwestern University of Chicago, spent four hours with the two Gautier men.

*** What about fact he was part of Project Blue Book and then went against it, and came out saying NOPE they actually are real and swamp gas was a dam lie!

SO in only 4 days, the guys are abducted by aliens, go to the police to report it, get taped talking about it which helps the cops believe them, then they were also interviewed by Air Force of course, then also they both go under hypnosis and basically, everyone seems to believe them here.

Not one person is saying anything like they are crazy or anything. YET the story just basically fades away and 99.9% of people who see that news story thinks for sure it’s BS or a hoax.

Yet it wasn’t at all, and if anything they have a super unique UFO case here. The way they describe the aliens are strange and they call them robots.

One other odd thing from the news article is it says that they were first taken into the ship by “red skinned occupants” without force.  Not sure Ive ever heard them say that, but its always interesting to look back at the actual different news stories of the actual week it happened.

This case and all abduction cases are starting to make a lot more sense after listening to certain whistleblowers and new guys on the scene like Emery Smith and others from the GAIA network show “Cosmic Disclosure”.

That show is a grand slam and I really believe its part of the actual disclosure that is happening right now. Big news is coming, I can feel it in my possibly Alien-Hybrid Bones!

This is an older Calvin Parker with a Female alien with really nice boobs! Now the funny thing here is that I saw a story from a couple years back that says there is some new secret tape of a hypnosis session where Calvin claims to yell at the female alien who put her fingers up his nose, and actually says he attacked her.

I find that a bit much to be honest, but who knows. It would be a first, because I don’t remember any other story of someone able to hit an alien. It seems like your frozen always and no doubt Calvin has talked about being frozen, so not sure when he was able to actually attack her but that will be a follow up post!

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