Are Aliens Helping the Ukraine’s ? UFOs over Sky of Kiev (3/5/22)

Wonder why Russians are losing this war? Ask the Aliens….

In this video below it shows what might be a UFO. It does seem to maneuver in an odd way and there were multiple sightings around this date of March 5, 2022.

Are Aliens Getting Involved in this War??

Well one thing is for sure, they are NOT helping Russia! 

Russia is rightfully getting their ass kicked by the awesome incredible people of Ukraine.

I mean everything you hear about the aliens, is they are mostly good people who care about this planet, and they like people who are kind and show empathy and are here as our guardians.

Well if thats true at all, no doubt you might expect them to get involved and help Ukraine.

It does seem pretty weird to me that 32 days into this war, that somehow David is kicking Goliaths arse!

I mean everything I read is how Ukraine is stopping this tank, or killing this general. Snipers are everywhere and like 15 generals they say have been killed.  Zero cities have been captured, ZERO…. Like how is that possible?

There are stories of generals turning the gun and ending it because the Ukraine’s were closing in and all was lost. Already?!  I mean this is amazing stuff with or without alien help, but I would not be surprised at all if the good aliens were helping and fighting for this good cause. 

Sounds crazy but there are all kinds of stories of aliens in wartime and every other time! I have full confidence that even if Putin wants to press that nuke button, it will not work….. Lets hope but that seems to be what has happened in the past.

Hopefully everything works out for the best and the Russians come to their senses.

Otherwise they might face the wrath of the Aliens. Maybe thats how they are introduced to everyone and why it seems like disclosure is literally days from happening!



Scott C. Waring took to his blog, UFO Sightings Daily to share the images of a white disk flying in the sky above Ukraine as he claims could be a ‘white long tic tac UFO’ that he spotted last Saturday (March 5).

He wrote: “This is some raw footage of an unknown craft over Kyiv, Ukraine a few days ago. The object was hovering low, then shot up at an angle and then across the city to shoot up and then down again.

“Very odd behaviour of an aircraft. But then again it’s war, so it could be anything.

There are other reports from people of UFOs and tic tac ufos flying over the city! Then there is another story that Im posting next of a UFO showing up, followed by a crazy lighting attack from the sky that destroyed russian tanks!

I KNEW IT!…… stay tuned…… help for Ukraine has arrived

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