UFOs over Ukraine – Russian Tanks Destroyed, Prayers Answered

‘UFO’ unleashes ‘lightning attack’ on Russian tanks

This is not the first report of UFOs over Ukraine but this one is saying they actually helped them.

A group of Russian tanks was supposedly wiped out by a mystery UFO attack after the families of trapped Ukrainian soldiers prayed to God to offer their troops some help

A ‘UFO’ swooped in to save Ukrainian troops from approaching Russian tanks in a ‘miracle lightning attack’, according to a correspondent.

Even more bizarrely, the mystery strike from the sky was supposedly an act of God as the families of Ukrainian forces prayed for help.

CBN News’ Ukraine Director Kostyantine Lytvynenko made the claim speaking on the channel’s The Global Lane programme.

Lytvynenko explained that one of his countrymen rang his father in the dead of night from the frontline, terrified as Vladimir Putin’s forces approached.

The father then prayed for help with members of his church – help which eventually came from out of this world.

Lytvynenko said: “He [the father] was saying that his son was part of the military.

“In the dark night they were holding their positions and discovered that a lot of Russian Federation tanks and machines [were] coming at them.

“He picks up his phone and calls his father, he said: ‘Dad, you have to pray right now – we’re in a situation.’

“His father rings other members of the church and they start praying.”

Sometime later the son allegedly rang his father again.

“He says: ‘Some miracle has happened, it looked like some spaceship, there was an attack from some spaceship.’

“There was some kind of lightning shooting from the sky, and sparks were spreading everywhere. Then in the morning, they discovered the whole machinery was destroyed.

WEIRD!  As my girl from the original poltergeist said…. “They’re here……”

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