(RIP) Calvin Parker Talks About Life After 1973 Pascagoula Alien Abduction

Calvin Parker 1989 Interview About Life After Alien Abduction (LAAA)

In this rare 1989 interview, the late Calvin Parker discusses his life after the infamous 1973 Pascagoula alien abduction encounter. The video, brought to you by YouTube legend Eyes On Cinema, provides a fascinating insight into Parker’s experiences and the impact they had on his life.

Throughout the interview, Parker opens up about the stress and challenges he faced following the incident, including breakdowns, hospital visits, and the struggle to maintain relationships.

Despite the media attention and lack of privacy, Parker candidly shares his journey since that fateful night in October 1973, offering a glimpse into the hardships he experienced.

To give you a better understanding of the video, we’ll provide a summary and key takeaways. During the interview, Parker discusses his decision to share his story, the involvement of authorities, and the toll the incident took on his mental health.

He reflects on his nervous breakdowns and reveals the immense pressure he felt from trying to make a living and upcoming marriage.

Parker also mentions his encounters with reporters and the lack of privacy he experienced. Overall, the interview provides valuable insights into the life of Calvin Parker post-alien abduction, shedding light on the long-term effects of such an extraordinary encounter.


This article is based on a rare interview from 1989 with Calvin Parker, who discusses his life after the alien abduction encounter in Pascagoula on October 11, 1973. Calvin Parker shares his experiences dealing with emotional stress and breakdowns, avoiding the media, hospitalization for nerves, privacy concerns, difficulties in relationships and marriages, personal faults, and job changes.

Key Takeaways

  • Calvin Parker experienced emotional stress and breakdowns following the alien abduction encounter.
  • He chose to avoid the media and prioritize his privacy.
  • Parker had to undergo hospitalization for his nerves.
  • He faced difficulties in relationships and marriages, mostly attributing the issues to his own faults.
  • Parker went through multiple job changes during this time.

Life after the Abduction

Emotional Stress and Breakdowns

After the alien abduction encounter, Calvin Parker experienced significant emotional stress and even had a couple of breakdowns.

While he clarifies that these breakdowns were not severe nervous breakdowns, the stress and pressure he felt were overwhelming. Trying to make a living and getting married around the same time added to his already high stress levels.

Avoiding the Media

Calvin Parker chose to stay out of the media as much as possible after the abduction experience. He explains that the constant exposure and lack of privacy became exhausting.

Numerous reporters approached him, leaving him with no privacy at all. At one point, when a reporter was taking pictures against his wishes, Parker took drastic measures and threw the reporter’s camera away to protect his privacy.

Hospitalization for Nerves

Due to the immense stress and ongoing issues with his nerves, there were times when Calvin Parker had to be hospitalized. Although he doesn’t go into detail, it is clear that his mental and emotional well-being were significantly affected by the abduction experience, leading to the need for medical intervention.

Privacy Concerns

Calvin Parker experienced a lack of privacy following the alien abduction encounter. Reporters constantly hounded him, leaving him with no respite from their intrusion. This lack of privacy took a toll on Parker’s mental health, causing him to retreat from the spotlight and prioritize his privacy.

Relationships and Career

Difficult Marriages

Following the abduction experience, Calvin Parker went through a series of difficult marriages. While he takes responsibility for many of the issues in these relationships, he believes that most of them were his own fault.

It is not clear what specific challenges and problems arose in these marriages, but it is evident that they were a source of further stress and turmoil in his life.

Personal Fault

Calvin Parker acknowledges his own faults in the breakdown of his relationships. Although he does not provide specific details, it is apparent that he experienced personal struggles that affected his ability to maintain healthy and lasting relationships.

The abduction experience may have played a role in shaping his behavior and ability to connect with others.

Job Changes

During the aftermath of the alien abduction, Calvin Parker went through several job changes. It is unclear why he made these changes, but given the stress and emotional toll he faced, it is possible that his ability to hold a steady job was affected. Changing jobs multiple times may have been a coping mechanism or an attempt to find stability amidst the upheaval in his personal life.


The interview with Calvin Parker sheds light on the challenges he faced in his life after the alien abduction encounter in 1973. It is evident that the experience had a profound impact on him, leading to emotional stress, privacy concerns, difficulties in relationships and marriages, personal faults, and multiple job changes. While the specifics of his struggles may remain unknown, it is clear that Calvin Parker’s life took a tumultuous turn following the encounter, leaving a lasting impact on his mental and emotional well-being.

RIP Calvin Parker (1954 – August 24, 2023).

*** Calvin was an interesting guy and seemed 100% legit to me. A real southern gentleman who had this crazy thing happen at a very young age and handled it well ultimately. Seems like it made him a better person and he will be missed.