UFO Causes Bike Accident 👽 Africa UFO Sighting 2021

Biker Falls Off His Motorcycle After Appearance of a UFO

UFO Story from the folks over at Latest UFO Sightings.net involving a guy in Africa riding a motorcycle

Richman Myambo of Chipinge, Zimbabwe, says that he encountered what appeared to be a UFO on his way home from work last Friday.

Myambo, 47, claims that the unidentified flying object (UFO) suddenly appeared in his view and caused him to fall off his motorcycle. The incident gave him a trip to the hospital.

Myambo was traveling home when he saw a strange light in the sky, followed by a deafening noise, which he claimed was the cause of his fall.

Describing the scene, he said that he was traveling home on his motorbike at around 9 a.m. when he spotted an unusual light traveling in the sky. He tried to keep his composure on riding, but the sound that followed after the light made him fall due to panic. He thought he was dying.

He reported that the UFO looked like a rocket with a tail fire. 

Myambo sustained a leg injury and was sent to the Chipinge District Hospital for treatment. In the meantime, he’s still trying to figure out the bizarre events he encountered. He admitted that he was 100% sober but was so confused he thought he had witnessed those unusual things people see in thick forests.

Myambo was reportedly not the only person who witnessed the UFO, as other residents of the area claimed they also saw the bright light followed by a loud, booming sound.

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**** AFRICA has more UFO cases than you would think. We just never hear about any of them.

Im still wondering how NOBODY in the USA in 1994 heard about or was talking about the 1994 Ariel School mass sighting involving the 62 kids that all saw the craft, saw it land, the saw the ET aliens, got telepathic messages from them and 20 plus years later are ALL saying the exact same thing.

Its one of the most compelling UFO cases of all time and the more I research it, the more I see how many other Africa UFO cases there are.

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