USA Shoots down Chinese weather balloons, Not UFOs

Decisions to shoot down multiple unidentified objects over the U.S. and Canada this month have put a spotlight on amateur balloonists who insist their creations pose no threat.

Over the last three weeks, U.S. President Joe Biden has ordered fighter jets to shoot down three objects detected in U.S. air space — a suspected Chinese spy balloon off the South Carolina coast as well as smaller unidentified objects over Alaska and Lake Huron. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last week ordered another object to be shot down over the Yukon; a U.S. fighter jet carried out that mission.

U.S. government officials have yet to definitively identify the objects, but Biden said Thursday that they were probably balloons linked to private companies, weather researchers or hobbyists.

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The US military recently made headlines for shooting down a Chinese “weather balloon” on February 4th, followed by the downing of three other objects on the following days [[1][3]]. The incident has sparked rumors and theories about what these objects could be, and whether they are extraterrestrial in nature.

It is worth noting that the Chinese “weather balloon” was disputed by the US government, who claimed that it was actually a spy balloon [[3]]. This raises questions about the nature of the other objects that were shot down, and whether they too could be some form of espionage equipment.

According to reports, the US military has been tracking more airborne objects since shooting down the Chinese balloon. While it is not clear whether the objects that were shot down were also classified as “low speed clutter,” it is possible that they were considered a potential threat to national security.

In terms of whether these objects were UFOs or balloons, the most likely explanation is that they were indeed weather balloons or other scientific equipment. Experts in the field of aeronautics and meteorology have pointed out that weather balloons can sometimes appear to be moving at high speeds and can be mistaken for other objects.

*** Yea NO Way these are actual UFO’s. Like sure, all of a sudden we are just going to start shooting them out of the air. No way!

No it seems that these are some kind of toys or other devices from hobbyists. Who knows but it seemed odd that everyone was trying to sort of act like yea maybe these are UFOs.

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Then not saying that yes these are not UFOs and they are just something basic, which they finally did say seems odd. Who knows but if they think we are falling for some bs Steven Greer “False Flag Operation”, yea right. 

Yet something seems strange about all of this lately. Who knows whats going to happen next, but I feel its going to be something big!

Lets the Aliens and UFOS appear and let us know whats really going on. We know you are out there

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